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Reality, Drama and Chaos

Today’s post was going to be about what a nice day Kayla and I had together for President’s Day, and how well she behaved at the orthodontist for her records appointment, (and I may still get there in another post) but, alas, having arrived home reality and drama have both set in with a vengeance.  We stopped on the way home from Opelika to pick up the dogs from the kennel, so when we hit the house in the Ford Escape, Kayla was in the front seat, Mandy was on the console between the front and the back, and Tyra and Darwin stood guard at the front of the back seat.  As we pulled up, I told her to not let the dogs out until she got the door to the house open.  Of course, she went ahead and let Darwin out, so he was milling in the garage for a minute or two while he tried to decide if he was going to make a break for it.  When we got all three dogs corraled and back into the house, I let her go inside while I went outside to bring in her books that we bought at Books a Million and then walked in to find her pitching a fit because the remote wouldn’t work right (she was trying to watch Beezus and Ramona) and because she couldn’t reach her friend Rebekah on the phone.  (This is after an afternoon where, after her orthodontist appointment, she got to buy books at the bookstore, have lunch with Mark and me at Cracker Barrel, get her hair washed and dried at HeadMaster’s in Auburn, and got a manicure as well as a drink from Chick-fil-a!).  Because the remote had a message about the battery, she decided to fling all of the batteries out of it and replace them (Item:  she is not supposed to touch the remote.  Period.)  In doing so, somehow some of the codes have been lost and the remote won’t work correctly now, especially with respect to the TV.  I sat down on the couch to try to see what I could do with the remote, which ended up being nothing.  While I was on the couch,  Darwin, whose water consumption I failed to monitor in the excitement over the remote, decided to throw up every ounce of the vast water  he had just drunk in the middle of the floor.  (All right, I caught a break there; he could have chosen carpet.)  I never could fix the remote, Kayla reached her friend Rebekah twice more but now is crying because Rebekah had to get off the phone and I have had the (apparently in her world completely unreasonable idea) that she should start to clean her room!  She just told me that her life was terrible.  Sigh.   Hopefully later, when the fit stops, I can talk about what a wonderful day we had before we came home!

UPDATE:  I didn’t catch a break with Darwin after all nor had he managed to rid himself of every ounce of water he had just drunk, either; he was just waiting for a convenient moment to slip into the carpeted bedroom to finish up twice, so I ended up cleaning the carpet, too.