Three Hour Naps, Three Jello Snacks and Three Things I Didn’t Need to Know

Good morning everyone!  I hope each of you had a good weekend.  We did.

This picture has nothing to do with anything else I am writing about today; I just like it.  It is from a trip to Gatlinburg in 2008.

  • Three Hour Naps

Even though we had a lot we wanted to get done this weekend, we still found time for naps on Saturday and Sunday.  Usually I end up taking about an hour and a half to two hours, and then I’m up, but for the first time in a while I took three hour naps both days.  Mark slept even longer.  Even Kayla (reportedly – with Kayla doing the reporting) slept two hours on Sunday.  At least we should be caught up on our rest!  Kayla used the time when we were napping and she wasn’t to paint pictures with watercolors for Mark and I.  Since I have the prerogatives of a proud parent, here is a photograph of her pictures:

For anyone in need of interpretative guidance, the top picture on the left is of the woods, with a stream running through it, the top center picture is of a golf green,  and the top right picture is a picture of the house, with our red brick as best as she could render with the water colors at her disposal, and the rose bushes in front.  If you look closely, there is a door and a door bell, but I am not sure my photograph is good enough for you to see that.  The bottom row is pretty self explanatory!  On top of painting these pictures, she managed to keep both No-No and Bad Dog quiet in her bedroom under their alter-egos of Mandy and Darwin (although one of the two if not both reverted to form since something  plastic and bright pink was rended to shreds; however, it doesn’t seem to have been anything important).

Kayla and Darwin This Morning

Kayla and Darwin This Morning

  • Three Jello Snacks

When we come home from school every day, Kayla and I have the same discussion – whether or not she is going to “get some snack.”    Most of the time it depends on how long it will take to fix supper and when the three of us will be able to sit down and eat it together.  If it looks like we are going to be eating a little later, I will let her have something. 

On Friday, Kayla asked if she could have a little cup of orange jello.  I told her yes, and didn’t think anything more about it.  To both Mark’s and my surprise at supper, she didn’t want to eat much.  We do not force her to clear her plate, but a certain threshold of food consumption is required before she can have dessert.   That threshold had not been reached, but she decided to stop eating anyhow.  I was a little concerned about this, since she normally eats very well, but right before she left the table, she looked at me with a mischievous grin and announced that she had had three orange jello cups.  She must have been operating on the principle that it is better to beg pardon then ask permission, but she wasn’t really begging for pardon either!

  • Three Things I Didn’t Need to Know

Over the course of my adult life, I have compiled a list of things that I learned that I didn’t really need to know.  These include tidbits of information like “if you leave the oven on at 350 degrees overnight, you  will NOT burn the house down,” a dog can eat a tube of neosporin ointment and not get sick,” and “Indian Hawthorn may be poisonous, but Darwin and Mandy chew on it all the time and are all right.”  I added three things to that list this weekend.

1)    Blue eyeshadow will rinse easily out of a tub.  And lest you accuse her unnecessarily, it was not Kayla’s fault that the blue eyeshadow ended up in the tub, but mine.  I got trigger happy in putting up my makeup containers, and picked up the big case in which I carry all my blush and eyeshadow to put it up without realizing that it wasn’t latched.  Voila, the blue eyeshadow in the bathtub.  Several other items slipped out also.  I leave it to your imagination as to whether I said at the moment everything spilled, “Verily, verily, I hath spilt my make-up case” or something stronger!

2)   If you leave a wooden clothespin on the vent of the toaster oven for two days, it will not ignite. 

  3) And the last thing I learned this weekend needs little explanation – If you are looking for your glasses while you are wearing them, it takes a while to find them!   

No one took me up on explaining “lie” v. “lay” on Friday.  If anyone can explain a quick way to tell the difference, along the lines of “your prinicipal is your pal”, please leave a comment.  An explanation as to whether the “.” comes before and after the parentheses would be welcome, too.  Otherwise, I will have to look the answers up myself! Have a great Monday everyone!


3 responses to “Three Hour Naps, Three Jello Snacks and Three Things I Didn’t Need to Know

  1. Nicki Crawford


  2. Toni Baggiano

    Lie vs. lay
    Lie means that the actor (subject) is doing something to himself or herself. It’s what grammarians call a complete verb. When accompanied by subjects, complete verbs tell the whole story.
    • Lay, on the other hand, means that the subject is acting on something or someone else; therefore, it requires a complement to make sense. Thus lay always takes a direct object. Lie never does.

    Lay has a direct object……”to set something down”
    Lie has no direct object…..”to place oneself down or to stay in a horizontal position”

    Lay down the beach blanket so that we can all lie on it.

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