Content Published on Yahoo! Content

I just learned that a short story I wrote about an adventure my husband and I had in Boston got published by Yahoo! Content. Here is the link: The Adventures of a Boston Tourist:  The Unintended Parade.   If you get the chance, check it out by clicking on the link. (Disclaimer: On Yahoo! Content, I get paid per view – it takes 1000 page views, I think, for me to earn $1.25. Even so you will recognize the style from my blog and if you like my blog, you will like this story.)


4 responses to “Content Published on Yahoo! Content

  1. Wow that’s great Nancy. How did you do that? Congratulations. Every view counts right? 🙂

    • Hi Raquel! Yes, every view counts, but Yahoo does ask you to play fair by not hiring someone to click on your page 1000 times or whatever. You get paid $1.25 for every 1000 views, or something like that, so I definitely intend to keep my day job!

      To sign up to be a contributor, google Yahoo Contributor, and it will take you to the sign up page. The sign up process includes a place where you can read the submission requirements. There also is a place, once you’ve signed in, called the assignment desk, where you can look over several ideas for submissions and claim one of them if you want to do it. My two publications came from assignments because I am still trying to figure out the ropes a little bit, but you also can submit things that are not in the assignment list. Someone at Yahoo Contributor reviews the submitted article/slideshow/video (there are several categories of things that you can submit) and then decides whether to accept it or not. If you try it, and get caught in a jam, email me a, and I will try to help you with it, even though I am not an expert myself at it by any means!

  2. Congrats! I clicked through and read 🙂 Can we not make comments on your article? I’ve read that helps boost you in search engine results.

    • Thanks for reading! You are supposed to be able to make comments if you want; I think the comment button is on the same bar that has the like and twitter buttons on it. Yahoo may ask you to sign in to it before allowing the comment, though, which might be too much trouble if you are not already a member of Yahoo. If you want to make a comment, comment ahead! All feedback is gratefully accepted.

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