A Butterfly Looks Back

I wrote the short story called “A Butterfly Looks Back” on Yahoo Contributor.  I think many of you will find it has a very encouraging message.  Please read it, and forward it on to others who  might be encouraged also.

Here is the link:  A Butterfly Looks Back.

Thank you very much!


14 responses to “A Butterfly Looks Back

  1. a lovely story and yes an excellent message. c

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  3. I love the POV from the butterfly. Well done.

    • Thanks Sharon! I appreciate that. How are the boys…. uh, parrots… doing? Any more unusual activities on their part? Between an earthquake and a hurricane, if they act up again, I think I’d find a steel bunker to hid out in!


  4. Morning – this is my first visit to your site – your site was recommended by Wordsmith’s Desk
    I love reading new blogs and getting to know other bloggers
    Prayers for your day
    Susie @ SPTP

    • Good morning! Thank you for visiting. I hope you got a chance to read the butterfly story. Most of the time I am not serious here; it’s not possible with the material my 9 year old daughter, three dogs and just life in general give me. I hope you get a chance to come back soon!

  5. Hi, I also found your site through Wordsmith’s Desk. I will be back when I have the time to stay for a while. : ) Love the Butterfly perspective.

  6. Hi, I loved the story…I hope you don’t mind me passing it on to a few friends. Love and hugs. Lisa. xx 🙂

    • Of course I don’t mind you passing the story on. I appreciate it very much, and your letting me know that loved it also. I looked at your gravatar profile; can you please tell me what an aspie is? Thanks!


      • Hi there nancy,
        Sorry I forget…an aspie is short for saying I have Aspergers Syndrome which is an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I am also Dyslexic.
        Butterflies are a sign of hope for many on the spectrum and used as well as jig-saw pieces to represent bringing awareness to ASD’s.
        Your story is wonderful and spoke very strongly to my heart.
        I have been pondering on it today also and I thought of putting a link onto your post as I have a few ideas for my next post.
        Thanks for the inspiration.
        Love and hugs.
        Lisa. xx 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing with me. I have a friend whose middle-school age son has Aspergers Syndrome, also. I did not know that the butterfly had special meaning to thoses in the Autism Spectrum, but I am glad that the story spoke strongly to you. You are welcome to put a link in your post if you would like.


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