From the Archives: This and That

I had some posts I wrote early in my blogging life that I would like to pull back out from time to time since most of you were not following me then.  I came across this one tonight; it was written on February 28, 2011, 6 days into blogging, before I had figured out how to get pictures on the page.  I hope you enjoy it!
1.      I forced a very sleepy little girl out of hibernation this morning and into the cold, cruel world of getting ready for school, and she did NOT like it!  Her latest fad is to get up, grab her clothes, turn on the fireplace in the den and huddle in front of it while she gets dressed.  (No, it is not that cold in my house – well, sometimes it is, but not right now.)  It looks quite pitiful and Dickensy – I keep waiting for her to bring me her empty cereal bowl, look at me with mournful eyes and say in a tiny voice, “Please, ma’am, can I have some more?”
2)     Wednesday is our busiest day, because Kayla has dance after school, which finishes up at 5:50, and then I have to feed her, get her home to change into her sneakers and then be at the church by 6:15.  We usually are home by about 7:45 p.m.  Unfortunately, homework does not regulate itself according to our schedule so on Wednesday nights when she has homework, I am trying to cram her head full of (usually) math in 15 minutes and still get her to bed on time.  It can be quite a drama filled experience.  Last night when we entered the car, I asked if she had homework, and Kayla said yes.  Once we were on the way to the church, she announced that she didn’t have homework after all; the teacher had decided to keep them from pulling the homework page out of their book after all.  The dilemma:  Should I double-check the homework file to investigate the mysterious disappearing homework, or just take the statement at face value and hope for the best?  I’ll let you decide what I did…..
3)     Isn’t it nice to see families doing things together?  Last night the three of us participated in a joint parking project.  I was driving and trying to swing into the garage without hitting the other car.  I got advice from both Mark and Kayla (Mark:  Cut it as hard as you can to the left;  Kayla:  You’re okay on my side!)  Of course they were sitting on the same side, so the instructions were a little conflicting, but I decided to go with the more experienced driver :).  Regardless of whose advice was better,  since everyone participated, it qualified as a group project.  Everyone was still speaking to everyone else when we finished, too!
4)     I have now seen about five tulip trees in full bloom.  They are so beautiful!  I really hope we don’t have a killing frost this year.  The Bradford pear trees buds are starting to get full, but they’re not ready to bloom yet.  It would be too early for them, anyhow.  I still haven’t seen any yellow bells, which is sort of odd for this time of year here.  If anyone has seen some, I sure would like to know about it!
Since I now do  know how to insert photographs, I will include one of a tulip tree, so you can indeed agree with me that they are beautiful.

Tulip Tree in Full Bloom


Have a great day/evening everyone!

8 responses to “From the Archives: This and That

  1. You are right…they are beautiful. I don’t think I have ever seen one before and would have thought they were a magnolia from a distance. Thanks for re-posting.

    • They are, I believe, a member of the magnolia family but that’s just a general impression I have. They are interesting trees, because they are the first of the spring trees and usually bloom in late February, so there are many years when a late frost cuts off their display quickly. This past year, though, was one of the lucky ones where we didn’t have that happen.

  2. wow that magnolia is beautiful, mine is still so small and i am glad that you got your parking in order, I am not so kind to back seat drivers! c

    • I needed help in that situation, so I didn’t complain. There are times when I look over at Kayla and suggest that we pretend that I am the Mom and the one who knows how to driver and that she is the child and hasn’t learned yet!

  3. It always seems when we look back on our life – the little things are the most treasured –
    Prayers for your day

  4. Prayers for you today.

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