Which Tree? (A Puzzle!)

Good morning Everyone!

Today I am going to try something just a little bit different – the six of us, Mark, Kayla and I as well as Tyra, Mandy and Darwin, took the hour and a half drive over to Callaway Gardens Saturday.  (More about that tomorrow!)  I am sure you will be relieved to know that Mark, and not Mandy, drove, although Mandy did spend most of the drive standing with one set of feet on the middle console, with her head pressed against either Mark’s or my shoulder, and the other set of feet in the back seat.  We’ve never had a dog that could do that before. 

While we were there, I took the following two pictures of the same two trees.  My challenge to you is to tell me which one is the pine tree, and why do you think so?  (Bonus points to whoever can tell me what type of tree the other one is; I don’t really know the answer to that, so I’ll learn something too!)

Guessing is permitted, of course; however if you are guessing, please note that your reason for picking the pine tree as the one on the right, or left, is a “WAG.”  (WAG is a term that is sometimes used around my firm – it stands for Wild *** Guess). 

Ready?  Okay; here they are:

Trees 1

Trees 2

I’ll let you know the answer tomorrow!  Please, guys, play along with me on this one; I have an ulterior motive I’ll share with you tomorrow, too.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go rescue a stray handkerchief that has fallen into the clutches of Bad Dog and convince No No to leave her alone about it before he gets in trouble, too!

Bad Dog Caught With A Handkerchief!

Have a great day everyone!


16 responses to “Which Tree? (A Puzzle!)

  1. I think they are both pine trees.

  2. Ok here is my L***G
    I think it is the trunk on the right – prickly – pealy bark goes with prickly pine needles
    I find our tomorrow
    Prayers for your day

  3. It looks like the pine tree is on the left? However there are unique manifestations of hybrid vigor (freaks of nature) out there where 2 trees are spliced together to form a (hybrid). In which there can (appear to be ) 2 types of bark on one tree.
    just a thought, although I am certainly NOT a horticulturist.
    have a blessed day
    M. Mitchell

  4. I think the one on the left is the pine tree, based on the bark.

  5. The left one is pine tree b/c of the pine bark.

  6. The bark on the left hand tree suggests that is a Long Leaf pine tree but I like Dr. Mitchell’s theory.

  7. I’m going with the consensus and saying left but for some reason my instinct is saying right…

  8. Okay, I even went out and checked the pine tree in our back lawn for this one … and neither one looks like what I have out back. Mine looks closest to the one on the left, so I pick the left one. My husband said the other one is a wooden tree. 😉

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