In Which the Heat Pump Died and Revived

Good morning Everyone!

3d person piling up boxes

Moving – An Adventure, A Project and a Treasure Hunt!

With the happy find of the lost box of kitchen cooking utensils that included the all-important can opener, measuring cups and measuring spoons a couple of weekends ago, we finally have the inside of our house set up for permanent residence.  Mark and Kayla worked in the garage that same weekend and now have the remaining boxes set up so we can, at our leisure, pull a box or two at a time and unpack, with aisles between stacks so we can see the labels on the boxes.  Mark said the remaining unpacking will not be as bad as it looks, but I’m not sure.  However, with all that accomplished, we were safely at the end of our move.  Thank goodness.

Not that we didn’t have a stumble or two along the way.  That same Saturday, after Kayla and Mark rearranged the garage boxes in the morning, all of us laid down to take a nap.  (Even Kayla slept!  I’m not quite sure what to think about that.)  I woke up after about two hours thinking that the master bedroom had become awfully hot – it normally runs about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the house in the summertime, but it felt worse than that.  I got up to go cool off in the rest of the house and Mark looked up at me from the sofa announcing, “It’s hot!”

Penguin, Polar Bears, Arctic

The Normal Temperature for Our House

Since normally Mark expects polar bears and penguins to start migrating into the house, and occasionally references the subject of hanging meat, his declaration meant that we needed to check the heat pump.   According to the thermostat, which was set at 74, it was 81 degrees in the house!  The dogs were hot, too.  Mandy kept looking at me, plainly asking why it was so hot, while Tyra, smart dog that she is, found the air purifier, which also acts as a fan, and camped out in front of it so that she could stay cooler than the rest of us.

We called Tillery Heating and Air Conditioning, whom we have used before.  They have a person on-call during the weekends, and when Mark called, the repairman told us he had two calls to finish first and then he’d be right over.  Mark and Kayla rearranged the boxes one more time to allow the repairman to access the attic, and then we waited.

Once it was past five, I was beginning to wonder if the Tillery person would be able to come after all, but true to his word, Mick from Tillery showed up as soon as he finished the other two calls.  I liked Mick; he was very friendly and didn’t mind the fact that Mandy greeted him happily by jumping up on him with two paws immediately upon his entering the house nor that Darwin thought really hard about jumping up in greeting as well.  More importantly, he knew what he was doing.  Mark stayed near while Mick worked on the heat pump components in case there were any questions, and he liked the methodical way in which Mick approached the problem.

Visions of the cost of a new compressor were starting to dance fearfully before my eyes after Mick and Mark had been outside at the heat pump for a while, but fortunately right at the end they found a wire that had come loose, shorted out and cut the power to the compressor.  You could tell from the feel of the air alone that as soon as that wire was fixed, the heat pump was working again.

As the air in the house began to decline back to the not-environmentally-or-budget-conscious-but-extraordinarily-comfortable-72 degrees I love, we waved a fond farewell to Mick, heaving a sigh of relief for a job well done and a compressor saved.

Have a great day!


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