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Memorial Day

Good morning Everyone!

In honor of Spc. Charles Robert Lamb, who was killed in Iraq, on September 5,2004, and all the others who died serving the United States:

From Europe to California
The silent crosses stand,
A tribute to Americans’ love
Of liberty and man.
Each marker stands for someone who,
Though cognizant of cost,
Stood firm in heat of battle
And suffered Death’s cold touch.
The markers also stand for those
Whose graves we cannot find,
Though their sacrifice still binds
Our hearts to love them throughout time.
No honor can I gave them,
No balm for the families behind,
That ever can repay them for
Their sacrifice of time
To love and live and laugh and grow
To save this land of mine.
And when we’re reunited
In the lands beyond this life,
I pray that we can tell them that this
Country still serves freedom as
A beacon lifted high.

Enjoy today’s holiday, but don’t forget to remember the reason for it!