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We Go To Visit Carter (And His Parents)

Good morning everyone!
Back in March, the three of us got to meet Mark and my’s grand-nephew for the first time.  Kayla (and the rest of us) were enthralled.

Kayla holding Carter

Last time, Carter came to visit us, so this time we went to Carter.  As an added bonus, we got to see his parents, too.  🙂  (Just kidding, Andy and Anne; we wanted to see you too.)  It is amazing how much he has grown!

Happy Baby!

I know, through my experiences with Kayla, that children grow fast; apparently babies grow even faster!  We took lots and lots and pictures; I have culled a few of the best for you (besides, the subscribers to this blog who are related to me and therefore whom I hear from more often than the rest of you would kill me if I didn’t put in a few.)

Here is a picture of Anne, Andy and Carter together:

There is another important member of the family, too.  Her name is Tallulah and she is just now turning 2.

Tallulah (aka Lula unless she is in trouble!)

She also adores Carter and is very sweet with him, in spite of the energy most dogs have at the age of 2. 

Oh, you're taking pictures!

Somehow I always manage to get at least one picture when Kayla doesn’t expect it!

Anne, Carter, Kayla and Sophie, the $14 giraffe

One of Carter’s favorite toys is a rubber giraffe, who has been named Sophie.  Friends brought her to Carter from France, which is why she is a $14 giraffe, I guess.  Anne and Andy’s biggest challenge is being sure Tallulah understands that the giraffe is Carter’s, not hers.  It seems they are doing a fine job with that, as I watched her all afternoon, and she left the giraffe alone the entire time.  There is no way we could get No-no and Bad Dog to do that!

Mommy makes me happy

Anne is an excellent mother, and Carter knows it!  She knows exactly how to hold him and what he wants when Mark, Kayla and I are just staring at him goggle eyed.  When he wanted to play, she pulled out a little floor play thing that lets him lie on his back on the floor, and Kayla decided to try to play with him on his level. 

Kayla and Carter on the floor (from directly above)

 This picture-taking opportunity was too much to miss, so I took a few more.  (I know you’re shocked!)

Kayla and Carter playing together

It was interesting to see Kayla relate to Carter on his level.

Simple Pleasures

After a while, Kayla decided she would draw a picture for Carter.  (Anne is not only excellent at keeping her own child happy and occupied, she has a sixth sense that helps her know how to keep other people’s 9 1/2 year olds happy and occupied too.)  Anne pulled out paper, washable, non-toxic markers and Kayla was off.  When she finished her picture, she gave it to Carter.

Carter looks at Kayla's Picture

He then decided to experience her art in another way.

Carter exploring Kayla's picture

Of course, I had to take my turn holding Carter.

I Hold Carter

And, finally, make no mistake about it:  Carter loves his Daddy as much as his mommy!

His Daddy makes him laugh,  

Daddy makes me laugh

Feel safe:

Safe in Daddy's Hands

And, just like Mommy, makes him feel loved:

Andy and Anne, thank you so much for your hospitality, and we can’t wait to do it all over again sometime soon!

Have a great day everyone!


New Nephew, Manatee Mailboxes and Bugs, Scooters and Tiki Lights

Good morning everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!

  • New Nephew

Some mom adventures aren’t funny, just sweet.  That was the case this weekend, when we got to meet our new great-nephew for the first time.  We were all excited, but Kayla especially was beside herself at getting to meet her new cousin.  She got to hold him on the couch for a little bit, and sit beside him, my niece Ann and my nephew Andy.

Anne, Carter, Kayla, Andy

Kayla is very, very good with babies, and it was extra special for her when she got to hold her own cousin.

Kayla holding Carter


I got to hold the baby also for a while, which was way cool!

Me holding Carter

We even got a picture of all of us together who were there, which means we had one of those special pictures where four generations are present – Mark’s Mom, me, Mark, my brother- and sister-in-law, my niece and nephew and Kayla and Carter, the baby.

Group Photo!


Getting to meet our new family member was one of those sweet family moments you won’t forget.  The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be if my other nephew, Matt, and my other brother and sister-in-law could have been there.  We missed you guys!

  •   Manatee Mailboxes

Other events are bemusing.  In our drive down toward Key West, we found an unusual feature possessed by many houses – the manatee mailbox.  We liked them; they reminded us of Mandy, our uniquely individualistic happy-go-lucky basset hound husky mix.  I’ll show you a picture of both, so you can decide whether or not there is a resemblance.

A Manatee Mailbox



  • Bugs, Scooters and Tiki Lights

Other events build on prior experiences.  When we went on our honeymoon to Cancun almost 24 years ago, we learned for the first time that VW Bugs, when they die, are sent to Mexico.  This discovery has been confirmed the other two or three times we have stopped by Mexico on a cruise.

On our trip down the Keys, we spent one night at Key Largo, and had dinner there at the Fish House.  It was truly wonderful sea food, with a unique decor – the entire roof was decorated with what appeared to be RV tiki lights.  Accordingly, we have concluded that RV tiki lights go to the Fish House at Key Largo when they die, which is not a bad deal for them at all!  

However, it is our conclusion that scooters have the best deal, because when they die, they get sent to Key West!   If anyone knows what the scooters have done to deserve this, I would be interested in their thoughts.   

Have a great day everyone!