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New Post on the Football Novice

Hi Everyone!

This isn’t my post here for the day, but I did want to let you know that there is a new post out on the Football Novice, Downs – the Rule of Four.

For those of you who like football, I would really appreciate your taking a look and posting comments on the site about how you think I could improve.  This second blog is a new adventure for me, and I want it to be helpful to new football fans.  Thanks! 


Finally! The Football Novice Debuts

After a hard night’s work, I have been able to get my new blog, The Football Novice, up and running with two posts, plus a sidebar that lists the televised games this week.  Check it out; I would love to hear what you think, and if there are topics on there you might like to hear about.  New posts on the Football Novice are normally once a week on Fridays.