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Our New Home

Hi Everyone!

As I told you in an earlier post, Catching Up, we have been in the process of moving from our old house to a house in the town where I work.  I’m not ready to take pictures of the inside yet as it stands now, since we’re still working on it, but I thought I’d share the following pictures I took of the house when we were looking at it, deciding whether we would rent it or not.

I am not sure how far the reach of HGTV is, but for those of you who are familiar with Househunters and Househunters International and the various other types of Househunter shows, there really aren’t too many original ways to show someone a house.  I used to wonder why people on the show couldn’t say something more original than “Oh, look, here’s the kitchen” when they walked in the kitchen.  I know now it’s because our brains are hard-wired somehow to do it  – when you walk in a kitchen on a house tour, the words just pop out of your mouth.  That being said, let’s start our tour…

House Front and Front Yard

Our New House, a view of the front yard and front of the house.

I was extremely fortunate to get to look at the house when some of the spring flowers were still blooming.  Here is a view just of the front yard from the side of house.

Front Yard

Front Yard

The dogwoods were still in bloom. One of the best things about the front yard is the number of trees that are in it. The trees in the front yard include several very tall pines, as well as the dogwoods and then a mix of hardwoods off to the left side.

Here is the first room in the house, at least for company. The door standing open is the front door of the house. We are using it as a living room/den.

The wooden floored portion of the house gives way in the dining room to linoleum. This is a view of the dining room from the kitchen. In this picture, the living room would be just to the left of the dining room.


Kitchen View 1

Here is one view of the kitchen. While it is small, it has a lot of cupboard space for its size, as well as a full complement of kitchen appliances.


A second view of the kitchen, closer in

In this second view of the kitchen, you can see the door leading out to the garage over on the right.

One really nice feature of the house is the sun room. To reach it, you go straight through the living room and dining room from the front door, then walk down one step. The door to the right leads out to the back yard, while the door on the left leads into the laundry room.

Laundry Room

Huge Laundry room!

One unusual feature of the house is this huge laundry room. I have never seen one so big before! I have wondered why the people who added the laundry room to this house made it so big, but have no answers to that question.



Let’s go back to the living room, and turn down the hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms. There are three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, plus a coat and linen closet.


Master Bathroom

I never got a good picture of the whole hallway bathroom, but here is a picture of the incredibly tiny miniscule no room to turn around in adorably cute postage stamp sized master bathroom, so-called because it is off of the largest bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Here is a picture of the second biggest bedroom, which is Kayla’s.

Second Bedroom

The third bedroom is much the same, only smaller, so I will save the picture space and journey onward to the back and side yards. Here is a picture of the back yard, which is very large.

Back yard

Back yard

This picture above was taking from the sunroom door looking toward our back neighbors. The back yard is huge! Even better, since this picture was taken, it also has had a wooden privacy fence installed in it, so the dogs are where they can go outside and play, even Tyra.

The Side of the House

The Side of the House

The picture above finishes the tour. It shows the side of the house without the garage.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our tour. Thank you for traveling with WMA (“Working Mom Adventures) tours, and please, as you exit the vehicle, secure all your stray belongings and grasp small children firmly by the hand!

Have a great day everyone!