“Daddy, Daddy”, Yawns and Waffles

Kayla, when she was three

It is amazing the types of memories that I can recall now because I managed to save the information from e-mails and other medium on the computer.  Here are a few I found while looking through my files the other day.

  • Daddy, Daddy

All of us who have children have had the experience of constantly being interrupted by our children while we are trying to talk.  Here is a conversation that happened one day when Kayla was 6.

Mark and I and Kayla were riding somewhere in the car, and Mark and I were talking.  The conversation went like this:  

Kayla:  Daddy!  Daddy!  

Daddy:  Hush Kayla, Mom and I are talking right now.  

Mom and Dad continue to talk.

Kayla:  Daddy!  Daddy!

Mom:    Hush, Sweetheart, we’re still talking.

Mom and Dad continue to try to talk.

(Repeat above sequence five times, then continue).

Kayla:  Daddy!  Daddy!

Daddy: What, Kayla?

Kayla:  I want to talk to Mama….

On a similar vein, Mark, Kayla and I were in a store last summer, and she had just said, “Mom, Mom” one too many times, so I spent the rest of the time in that store following her around saying, “Kayla, Kayla!”  Mark didn’t hear me, but the store clerk did.  She must have been a mother also, because she was doubled up with laughter by the time we left the store!

  •  Yawns

One morning, on the way to work, both Kayla and I were yawning frequently, so after I made a particularly big yawn, I said, “That was a big yawn; That was a humongous yawn; That was one of the biggest yawns I’ve ever seen.”  She looked at me (I could see her in the rearview mirror) and said, “Are you speaking English?” 

  • Waffles

One day, when Kayla was 3, we made waffles together Saturday morning for breakfast.  I mixed most of it, but a few things I measured out and let her pour in the bowl.  She particularly liked the red baking powder can and kept trying to send extra splashes of baking powder in the mix.  Fortunately, I intercepted, and so our waffles were normal size and not the size of skyscrapers in Manhattan!  They were quite tasty, also. 

Have a great day everyone!


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