The Thief, The Necklace and The Eggs

Hi Everyone!

Noble as he looks, the past two days have been Darwin’s (No-no’s) turn to get in trouble. 

  • The Thief

Mark came home Monday night and was really feeling bad, so I gave him an array of choices for supper.  I wasn’t sure what he wanted to eat.  He wasn’t really hungry at first, either, so Kayla and Iwent ahead andate, leaving his plate of ravioli on the counter, but pushed far enough back that Mandy couldn’t get it.  After Kayla went to bed, Mark decided he could eat a little bit, so I walked into the kitchen to discover that someone had eaten all of the ravioli off of his plate but one.  My suspicions were already on Darwin, because it is hard for a white dog to eat almost a full plate of Chef Boyardee ravioli (you surely didn’t think I had cooked anything more complicated than that?) without there being some traces of spaghetti sauce somewhere on her fur.  However, the evidence was not overwhelming. 

Later that evening, we heard noises from the kitchen again, and Mark went hurtling into the kitchen.  Being the sharp investigative agent that I am, I realized that it couldn’t be Mandy, because she was charging around the corner, afraid that she was missing something.  Sure enough, it was Darwin, going for the last piece of ravioli on the plate which Mark had left out deliberately to catch “the thief” in action.  I didn’t get the impression that Darwin was particularly sorry for anything but getting caught, either.

  • The Necklace

Two weekends ago, Kayla and I got to go over to a good friend’s house to begin  learning how to make necklaces from beads.  We had a great time, and Kayla came home with two necklaces she had designed, both of them as cute as they could be.  One of them was made of blue/gray beads, strung with elastic wire and had a pineapple pendant in the center.  The beauty of the elastic was that all she had to do to put in on was to pull it over her head. 

I worked at home yesterday, and about 11:00 a.m.  I started to hear funny noises from the den.  Whenever I would go over to investigate, the noises would stop.  I finally was fast enough to see Darwin chomping on a pile of blue/gray unstrung beads.  While I am usually fairly unflappable about what the dogs eat, (if they can survive a full tube of Neosporin, how much is there to worry about?) small, floss-like wire/string is another matter.  It can cause trouble in a dog’s stomach.  I scooped up the beads, searched Darwin’s mouth for any remainder (every time I wasn’t looking at him while I was picking up the beads it sounded like he was chewing something), then tried to decide whether I needed an emergency visit to the vet or not.  I walked into the bedroom for a minute, and looked down, and there was Darwin, chewing on the remainder of the beads (where he hid them I do not know), which were, thankfully, still hanging on the elastic string/wire.  Much to his disgust and my relief, I scooped the beads and the wire up and put them where they were definitely out of reach. 

The Necklace Remains

  • The Eggs

Have you ever stopped to think about how little we really see sometimes?  Research has shown that, as adults, we reflexively take a kind of mental shortcut once we have catalogued a place or a person, and whenever we see that afterwards we “see” enough to identify the space and then cease to look intensely anymore.  This behavior is quite understandable; by being able to limit the number of things we have to observe closely at any one time, our brains are able to focus on the things we absolutely must.

Still, sometimes, that mental shortcut  can cause us to miss out on interesting sights.  Kayla and I went to the local McDonald’s for breakfast yesterday morning, since I was taking her to school and we were ready to leave the house in plenty of time for us to go, her to be on time at school, and me to begin work by 8.  While we were there, she saw a friend of hers and after she said hello, I had to work to keep Kayla focused on eating her biscuit rather than trying to see what the friend was up to.  After we had been there about twenty minutes, I suddenly noticed shiny, bright Easter Eggs hanging from the ceiling.  Logically, I know they had been there all along, but it was like they just suddenly appeared to me.  Someone went to a lot of trouble to hang them and it really looked festive.  I don’t know what short-circuited my mental filter at just that moment, but I’m glad it did, or I would have missed a colorful sight.  After all, you don’t see Easter Eggs hanging from a ceiling in McDonald’s every day!

Plastic Easter Eggs

Have a great day everyone!


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