The Weekend

Good morning everyone!  I hope all of you had a great weekend.  We had a quiet one but it was enjoyable.  Before we get to that though, I wanted to thank all of you who read this blog – as of this morning, I have 5900 views! 

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Saturday, Mark and Kayla went on a mysterious shopping expedition, possibly having something to do with the approach of Mother’s Day, but which gave me the uninterrupted run of the house until about 2.  I used this unexpected bonus time to finish the laundry. 

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Having the laundry finished by Saturday morning is particularly enjoyable because it means there are only minimum chores to do the rest of the weekend, and gave us, on Sunday, that most blessed but most rare of days – a true day of rest.  Having had one, I have to say I could get used to more of them on a regular basis!

After the mysterious shopping expedition, and the subsequent nap, we decided to go bowling.  Bowling, for me, has improved greatly with the greatest of all bowling innovations since pins and balls – the gutter guard!  Without the gutter guards, I am pretty much a scratch bowler in reverse – I will hit the gutter each and every time I touch the ball.  With the gutter guards, I even get spares once in a while, and on a rare day, a strike or two!  Let’s just say that I am the master of the unintended ricochet shot. 

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On Sunday, after church, we took our afternoon nap (I have told you before that the Sunday afternoon nap is a solemn ritual at our house.)  Mark had told me to wake him up at 2, so I managed to shake myself awake about 2:30 to go get him up, but he decided he needed another hour.  So, instead, Kayla and I and the three dogs ended up in my bedroom watching TV for an hour.  To keep the dogs quiet I let them out, but after about five minutes, the dogs started pitching a fit, all three barking at full volume. 

Since loud barking is generally not conducive to continuing naps, I sent Kayla out to check on the dogs.  The barking didn’t stop, and she came running back in to tell me I needed to come out there.  When I got out there, I saw what the dogs were barking at – a grey-reddish animal at the bottom of the court our back yard hill overlooks.  Between Kayla and I, we got the dogs back in, which stopped the barking, and then gave us a chance to get a good look at the animal which still hadn’t left the court to melt back into the woods.  It was too long to be a cat or a dog, but we weren’t quite sure what it was until it turned its face where we could see it in a profile – it was a fox!  I have seen a fox in Alabama maybe once before, and then it was running across the road in front of me, so I was more worried about avoiding hitting it then I was in observing, but this fox was determined to put on a show for both of us.  It probably stayed in our sight for a good 15 minutes, strolling along the edge of the woods, stopping to scratch, and looking over at birds who were foolish enough to land on the “For Sale” signs in front of the lot.  It must not have been hungry, though, because it left the birds alone.  For the two of us, it was quite a small town wildlife adventure!

From LookandSee, a WordPress photo blog about living in rural New South Wales in Australia

The picture above may have been taken in Australia, but the grey fox we saw looked just like it!

Have a great day everyone!


4 responses to “The Weekend

  1. Nicki Crawford

    Ah!! The Sunday Afternoon Scriptural Nap!

  2. Oh my, scary to have a fox around your home. So you guys nap huh? I wish I could take power naps, but sometimes when the kids are both down that’s the only time I can get ahead with my chores like laundry ;). I am glad you got a relaxed week-end. We all need one of those once in a while :).

    • I understand about needing to use the kids down time to get other things done. Actually, the fox wasn’t scary, only interesting, because it was hanging around at the fringe of the woods at the end of a vacant lot. It helped that it was a good distance from us, and that even the smallest of our three dogs is probably three times as large as the fox. I did take a minute to let Kayla know that if she saw the fox while she was outside the fence (which almost never happens anyhow) she was not to go over towards it to try to play with it. A wildcat or a bobcat would be a much scarier thing to cope with, I think, since they have been known to attack both people and dogs. I hope you get a relaxed a weekend soon!

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