The First Day of Summer Vacation and Other Matters

Hi Everyone!

I hope each of you had a great Memorial Day weekend!  We did; we didn’t do anything special, but we got to go bowling, nap, shopping, nap, attend church, nap, eat out, nap – you get the idea! 

Today marks a change in the rhythm of our lives for the next two and a half months – Kayla’s summer vacation starts today.  Until I taught, many moons ago, I didn’t realize how much teachers look forward to summer vacation.  Until Kayla started Kindergarten, I also didn’t realize how much parents enjoy summer vacation, too.  I don’t have to fuss about homework; bed time, while still important, is not essential; and getting Kayla ready in the morning amounts to being sure she is dressed properly instead of the list of things we have to have ready for school. 

Specifically for us, too, summer vacation is different because I take Kayla to a day camp near to where I work, which means that she and I ride to and from work together.  I am looking forward to the extra time with her, although I have to resign myself to the fact that I will be listening to the Disney Channel radio for the next two and a half months, also. 

  •      Rememborizing

On the way to the bowling alley this weekend, Kayla was trying to tell us that she either remembered something or had memorized it, I am not sure which, but the word that came out was “rememborized.”  She tried again with another variation, and finally got frustrated and said “Whatever,” which in 9-year-old parlance translates to “you know what I mean so let’s get past the pronunciation and on to the discussion.”

  • Santa Claus

When we went shopping this weekend, one of the things we needed were new white church shoes for Kayla.  We noticed Sunday that her feet were hanging off both the front and the back of her old church sandals.  (She is in the middle of a growth spurt.)  As we were walking into the store, out of the blue, Kayla started talking about maybe buying some underwear also, then, remembering that she had gotten some from Santa for Christmas (yes, folks, she got a lot of other things too, and they were all toys), stopped in the middle of the road  and asked Mark and I, “How did Santa Claus know my underwear size?”  I asked her if Santa knew whether she had been good or bad, why couldn’t he know her underwear size?  She answered, “That’s just embarrassing!  

  • The Treadmill 

For Father’s Day, I got Mark a treadmill.  It came last week, a little early, so he took some time yesterday to put it together, with Kayla’s help.  She did a very good job helping him, both in reading the directions, handing him the necessary parts and sometimes getting to handle some of the tools, like the wrench and screwdriver, and even the drill (used as a screwdriver) once or twice. 

Once Mark and she got it put together, it was time to try it out, briefly.  Each of us spent about two minutes on it, just to see if it worked.  What we didn’t expect was the dogs’ reaction to it.  Tyra ignored it, but Mandy was mesmerized, and Darwin, unwilling to let his twin enjoy something without him, decided he would be mesmerized, too.  I thought maybe it was just a one day thing, but this morning, when Mark got up early to use the treadmill, the two dogs camped out by the treadmill yet again.

Mandy, Fascinated by the Treadmill

Mandy and Darwin Mesmerized by the Treadmill

You never know exactly what is going through the minds of your dogs at any particular time, except maybe feeding time, but I sure would like to know what they are thinking while they watch the treadmill! 

Have a great day everyone!


6 responses to “The First Day of Summer Vacation and Other Matters

  1. Hi, Nancy!

    Love the snippet of Kayla and Santa Claus. It made me have quite a giggle.

    I am sure Mandy and Darwin were thinking that the treadmill is going to be for their walk.
    Hope you enjoyed all the napping the weekend and enjoy this summer vacation with Kayla. My winter holiday is almost here then I will hopefully get the chance to spend some time with Josh and the opportunity to work.

    • How long until your winter break? I hope it gets there soon!

      • Yes, my holiday starts in just over a week. I write an exam tomorrow, another Tuesday, and then an assignment due for the Friday. After that my almost 2 month holiday starts. I will be working at an out-of-town newspaper for 2 weeks (so will be away from Josh for that long), then a local newspaper hopefully for a week and trying to get into a daily newspaper for another week. Inbetween I will be spending some time with Joshua, catching up on sleep and some reading.
        I pray you feel better soon.

      • I know you must be looking forward to your break! It sounds like you have some interesting mid-winter jobs to keep you busy, and I am glad you get to have some extra time with Josh, time to sleep and time to read just for you! I do feel better today, but it’s still not gone.


  2. I too love the laid back feeling that summer brings with the kids! No more harping about homework or studying! It’s great.

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