Beach Talk

Good morning (almost good afternoon) everyone!

We went to Destin, Florida for a few days, in connection with a meeting I had, and got home last night.  I have one more day off to get us caught up on household chores, especially laundry, before I start back.

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The weather at the beach was pleasant – a little hot, but the breeze off of the ocean made up for it.  I got to play in the ocean for a while late Saturday afternoon.  It was the perfect time to go – late enough that we didn’t have to worry about sunscreen, or fooling with chairs or any other paraphernalia besides towels, and late enough that the water had been warmed by the sun all day, making it enjoyable and refreshing instead of numbing.  There were a few people around, but not many.  Because we weren’t going to be there that long, I left my camera in the room, so you will just have to picture the sugar white sand, with the blue-green turquoise water on your own. 

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We have been trying to encourage Kayla to be a little braver while swimming in the ocean.  We will let her swim in a pool without a life vest with one of us watching her, but she is not quite a confident enough swimmer yet to do the same in the ocean.  She does well, but every once in a while, even with the life vest, she starts to panic and when she does, she immediately grabs my swimsuit (often in a place where I would prefer a wardrobe malfunction not occur).  At one of those moments this trip, her hand slipped across my back, giving me a scratch.  I told her to be careful, she had just scratched my back , and she looked at me and said, “Usually you like having your back scratched.”  I started to comment further, but decided to let her win that one on points. 

Back Scratch: From Professional Print Shop 2.0

On Friday evening we got ready to go out.   She put on a skort and a cute top that matched the new purse she bought with her allowance( to go with the other 10 purses she has that she doesn’t use – can you tell I wasn’t exactly in favor of the purchase?) and began prancing around the room.  I asked her what she was doing, and she told me “I’m a professional!”  I asked her “A professional what?” She shrugged, answering, “I don’t know.”  It didn’t particularly worry her!

From Print Shop 2.0 Professional

One of the things about being a mother is that once your child is able to talk, you are programmed to react automatically every time you hear, “Mom!”  We went to see the movie Green Lantern one afternoon, and after we finished we both went into the restroom.  A voice floated out from somewhere in the bathroom while I was in a stall that said, “Mom, is that thunder?”  Being well programmed, I answered, “No, the theater music is just very loud.  Don’t worry about it.”  When I went up to wash my hands, Kayla was grinning from ear to ear.  “You do know that wasn’t me, don’t you?”  Well, no, I didn’t, (the echo made it hard to identify the voice) but I wasn’t going to admit it to her! 

Thunder Clouds: From Professional Print Shop 2.0

Have a good day everyone!


10 responses to “Beach Talk

  1. We were also at beach over weekend and had an awesome time. The older I get the more I enjoy the beach and the ocean. There is something that grounds me whenever I go in the ocean. The water was beautiful this time and not much seaweed. I even rode the waves on my body board….imagine that! It was great fun!


  2. LOL! I would probably have responded to the “Mom, is that thunder?” question too. Bri must say mommy or mom at least 100 times a day!

    Glad you had a good time at the beach. I’m not sure I will ever be comfortable with Bri swimming in the ocean. The power of the ocean really scares me. Bri still makes me nervous in a pool too. Swim lessons start up next week – thank goodness!

    • Whether I’m uncomfortable with it or not, I have to allow/encourage Kayla to take some risks, in as safe a setting as I can arrange, or she will learn to be afraid of everything. Bri, however, seems to be close to fearless, so I can understand your caution. I hope Bri’s swim lessons go well!

  3. LoL I agree with being programmed to answer to mom. That is too funny Nancy.

  4. That getting tuned in thing is universal. I know the sound of my humans footsteps when they approach the door. At least I thought I did. I was guarding the house while they’dd gone out when I figured they were walking on the porch outside. It wasn’t them I barked in surprise. Whoever it was left so fast they left one of their shoes on steps.

    • Sandy, I hope both the Geezer and Mrs. G gave you an extra big hug and lots of dog treats! Who knows how much damage could have been done if you hadn’t barked? Great job!

  5. HA. I love that you are auto-programmed to answer child inquiries. It is exactly the opposite of a child grabbing on to the wrong mom’s leg because he or she is too short to see that high!
    My daughter also has many purses – crazy how little girls are wired to need accessories!

    • Are you not auto-programmed yet? Just wait; it will happen! It is crazy how many accessories litte girls need – but I probably have seven to nine purses in my closet that I’m not using either, so I shouldn’t be too harsh!

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