In Honor of the Fourth: Kayla’s Turn

Good morning/afternoon everyone!

One of the things I have thought a lot about lately, as the Fourth approaches and as the news continues to stress differences between us, is how much we Americans have in common that no-one every acknowledges.  Chief among those commonalities is the hope that our children will experience a future far better than the present that we experience.  We may disagree on the method that it will take for us to get there, but I don’t know anyone who wakes up one day and says, “You know, I really hope that the world will be a much more terrible place for my child than it is for me right now.” 

So, in honor of that sentiment, today is Kayla’s turn to supply material (that she herself chose, as opposed to that which I reported) for this post.

Monday morning, as I was trying to get ready for work, she got hold of the camera and followed the dogs around for about 45 minutes taking pictures.  I promised her that I would use her pictures in my blog, so today is the day.  I did take the liberty of making up the captions for the pictures, though.

She got some good basic pictures of the dogs, including one with Mark and Mandy sharing a moment together:

Tyra Waiting on the Sofa

Look closely at Mandy’s tail in this one:

Mandy in the bathroom

 And here Mandy and Mark are sharing a moment together before either realizes Kayla and the camera are in the room:

Mandy and Mark in the Morning

Darwin was waiting his turn in the kitchen:

Darwin waits in the kitchen

She also got some fantastic pictures of Mandy in her favorite lookout spot, the sofa in the study area of the great room.  We call it her lair.  

Mandy in her favorite lookout spot

Sometimes Darwin wanders by:

Mandy and Darwin confer

When Mandy is in her lair, it can be easier to get close-ups of her:

Mandy's close-up

Tyra, as head dog, is allowed to claim the leather sofa as hers whenever she wants it.

Tyra holds court on the couch

Kayla also managed to catch Mandy, as Bad Dog, and Darwin, as No-no, in action.  I think I would have preferred her to save the items they were working on, but at least you now have proof that the two dogs, even though they can look so sweet in their pictures, do have alter-egos!

Bad Dog’s Criminal Caper:

In the legal field, we might consider this to be a smoking gun:

The Smoking Gun....

Denials are useless at this point:

But ultimately she remains unrepentant as she plans her next criminal caper with the victims – Kayla’s flip-flops – in plain view.

Sleeping I dreamed, Love, I dreamed, Love, of thee.

No-no’s plan of attack centered around an assumption that he would remain unmolested in the bedroom if every one was out in the other room getting breakfast.   He didn’t count on the People Puppy of the house roaming around with a camera.

No-no caught in the act!

However, he appeared to be oblivious to the meaning behind the words “plausible deniability.”

Who me?

And at first refused to go quietly:

Still, all’s well that ends well, so No-no is ready to go again as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Have a great weekend and a great Fourth of July everyone!


2 responses to “In Honor of the Fourth: Kayla’s Turn

  1. Ooh, Mandy has different-coloured eyes, too. I like her 😉

    Quite a few dogs in the house, eh? They’re certainly a hand full and you complain about me having ONE iguana lolol

    By the way: I’ve been bitten three times by three different dogs…

    • Hi Stella! Good to see you here! I can believe you’ve been bitten by three different dogs but never by any dog owned by me and mine! Ours don’t bite unless we are under attack, and even then if they can they will “tree” you on some object rather than bite, although they would bite if necessary. (Well, at least Tyra would. The doorbell rang when Kayla was four, and she didn’t know any better and opened the door and then screamed when she saw a stranger. Tyra ran over to get to the person she thought was making Kayla scream and by the end of it had three teenagers cornered on the hood of their car before my husband knew what was happening. She never bit them, but they certainly believed she would if they got a chance! It turned out the poor kid had just needed directions, but it was nice to know we have at least one fearless protector when we need it.)

      I’m not complaining about the iguana, just trying to understand the attraction…I guess he must be extra cute during the non-mating months, or just fascinating year round?

      Mandy is very unique, not only in looks but in personality too. We just love her all the more for it!


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