Curious Weather Forecast

Hi Everyone!

Isn’t it curious thatwhen I checked the forecast a minute ago, the Weather Channel informed me  under the “Right Now” forecast that we have a 90% chance of rain today, while in the 36 hour forecast, on the same page at the same time, our chance of rain is only 30%.  Shouldn’t it have to choose one or the other?

We are getting a late start this morning; none of us felt that great when we first woke up; at least Kayla and Mark are feeling some better now, and Mark and I picked up an extra 3 hours of sleep we didn’t realize we needed.  We missed being with our church family this morning, though.

Have a great Sunday!


2 responses to “Curious Weather Forecast

  1. I tell you the best job in the world is being a weatherman, no one expects you to be right. 🙂

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