Ten Reflections on Hot Green Tea in the Morning

Good morning!

Having noticed that my caffeine of choice, Diet Coke, is rapidly increasing in price to the point where I will have to get a second mortgage to continue to indulge my current habit, I have instead been trying to drink a little bit of hot green tea in the morning.  After about four days, I have come up with a number of observations:

Green Tea Lid

1) Hot tea is, well, hot.  Once I get the tea past the scalding point where I can drink it, the first sip sends a wave of warmth through my whole body.  I can see this would be a good thing in the winter; in the summer, not so much! 

2) The green teas flavored with fruits are not bad tasting at all, especially when you add 1 teaspoon of sugar to the cup with the tea bag and then let the hot water flow over both.  I like the pomegranate flavored green tea and a blend called “raspberry soiree.”  The only problem with “raspberry soiree” is that I spend the next 60 minutes humming “Raspberry Beret” by the Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

3) Herb tea and green tea are not equivalent!

4)  The poor lonely coffee cups in the pantry that until now have only been used for ice cream (on occasion) and the caffeination of visiting parents and other guests are now seeing the light of day more regularly.

Lonely Coffee Cups

5) This is supposed to be doing something good for my health, although the idea that an anti-oxidant is a good thing is counter-intuitive to an oxygen/air-breathing life form, and the elimination of free radicals makes me feel a little bit like I am violating someone’s freedom of speech. 

6)  I have something else I need to remember to throw away as soon as I use it and not leave it lying around.  Dried, used tea bags are definitely not attractive!

7) I finally have something I can sit down at the table with and not be immediately surrounded by a pack of dogs begging for it.

8 )  The daughter still comes over to view the tea when she’s up, but it’s summer and she’s not been up often enough this week for it to really be a factor.  I let her try some peppermint herbal tea one morning, and it was not a hit! 

9 )    While not as many as for coffee drinkers, there are lots of cool accessories you can gather with tea drinking.  My collection currently includes a Keurig mini-brewer (off-limits to anything but pouring water in it to make tea with) and a ceramic tea pot. 

10)  The teaspoon of sugar (and possibly the heat of the tea) makes me crave a glass of ice water immediately after I drink the tea.  Drinking more water is always a good thing, right?  

Have a good day everyone!


4 responses to “Ten Reflections on Hot Green Tea in the Morning

  1. That reminds me of the “sex and the city” episode where Charotte’s new husband, who is a big hot tea drinker, leaves his tea bags lying around their nyc apartment which drives Charlotte crazy! He also likes to hang out in the apartment naked….ha ha.

  2. I have to make mine pseudo hot tea in the summer time. I make my cup of tea then add a couple of ice cubes. Not being a coffee drinker I haven’t scalded off my taste buds yet! My favorite caffeine source (after Diet Dr Pepper!) is Republic of Tea’s All Day Breakfast Tea.

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