Now the second day…

Good morning everyone!

Good morning!

I have to blow off  some steam today.  Anyone who has, or has had, a girl child between the ages of 9 and 16 will understand. 

The first day of school apparently went very well – no homework, except for spelling, no conduct numbers and people we like in our classroom made for a very good day. 

The second day has started out rougher.  She is now on her fifth or sixth outfit – each one has something wrong with it, with six minutes left before she has to leave the house.  Let’s just say if Mandy finishes eating her food before you’re dressed, you know your dressing process is taking way too long. 

No-no, having finished her food, now turns her attention to an envelope from the coffee table

I think she finally acquired an outfit, but is putting on her sneakers at a pace that would put molasses to shame.  I still have yet to see her emerge from her bedroom with a complete outfit on.

This delay means that Kayla will miss first breakfast here at the house, but not to worry – now that school has started, she also gets breakfast at the after-school center where she catches the bus and at school, so she won’t go hungry.  I, on the other hand, have felt three more grey hairs pop out on my head since I have been repeatedly exhorting her to get dressed. 

She finally emerged from her bedroom, fully dressed.  (Do I hear a sigh of relief from the galleries?)  In doing so, she tried to quietly slip out of the house with two book bags – the small one she insisted on buying with her own money when we went shopping for school supplies and the large one from last year which we told her was still in excellent condition and would work better anyhow.  I think she was hoping we would neither notice, nor comment.  Why she would think that given the two parents she has, I don’t know. 

Sunrise over the lake in the morning

While on the surface, it has been a rough morning, deep down everything is okay.  We are healthy, together and taking care of each other, so all will ultimately be good.  Still, tonight – THE CLOTHES GET LAID OUT FOR NEXT MORNING!

Have a great day everyone!


12 responses to “Now the second day…

  1. Oh how I remember those days! One thing we did when my girls were that age was on Sunday night, we would pick out the outfit for every day for the upcoming week. We placed every item on the decorated hanger that had the name of the week drawn on construction paper, decorated w/ markers and taped to the hanger. We attached any bows, ribbons, ponytail holders, socks,etc w/ clothes pins. If they help pick out the outfit, they were in more of a mood to wear it when the day came. There was one rule– whatever was picked out for that day had to be worn!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait ’til she’s 13!!!!!!!!

  3. hilarious!!! We had a pretty non-eventful first morning. Cummings is in a stage where she is very organized….lays out all her clothes for the week!! I don’t know how long this will last so I am enjoying it right now!!!

  4. Ahhhh….such is the beginning!

    • Today went much better, since she laid out her clothes last night, although she decided it was essential to straighten out her today, which she almost never does. Still, she is ready to go on time, so I’ll take it.

  5. Oh dear, why is life so complicated? When I wake up I have a good stretch and a shake to clear the cobwebs and the slobber and I’m good to go! Suggest this approach to her – it works!

    • Your way sounds much better, but she is a little human of the female variety, so is not inclined to listen to such sound reasoning. Our dogs, Mandy, Darwin and Tyra, agree with you, by the way!

  6. LOL! Briana still allows me to help her pick her outfits out the night before. I’m sure that won’t last too much longer. In a few years, I will be echoing everything you just wrote. 🙂

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