Good morning everyone!

When all's said and done, nothing's better than taking a minute to hug our dog!

I hope all of you had a great weekend, and, for those of us here in the United States, a great Labor Day weekend.

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Thursday night I went shampoo shopping with Kayla.  I normally do this about once or twice a year to remind myself why I don’t normally do this.  We were in the drug store, and two aisles of hair care products was a bit much for her to process.  I watched her carefully read each label, looking for something, so after about five minutes, I asked her what she was looking for.  She told me she was looking for a shampoo that could make her hair longer.  I explained that there was shampoo that could make your hair curlier, straighter, shinier or fluffier but not longer.  (A lady at the end of the aisle was dying laughing at our conversation.)  FN. 1.

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Kayla nodded acknowledgement of my words of wisdom, and continued to look.  The first two sets of shampoo and conditioner she picked out were from the left side of the aisle (the “premium hair care products” side.)  I told her to put those back; she asked me why; I explained that I wasn’t going to pay $20 a bottle (each) for shampoo and conditioner.  The third time we had this conversation, I gently picked her up from the floor where she was sitting cross-legged, rotated her 180 degrees and told her that the right side of the aisle was where she needed to look.  That demonstration finally got the point across to her, but she was happy to review the right side of the aisle as thoroughly as she had the left side.

I got excited twice when it appeared we were close to a decision, but then she changed her mind.  It took 30 minutes for her to make her selection.  (For the record, I did let her get a more expensive “premium hair care” product that was a spray on styling aid to reduce frizz.)

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On the way out, she decided she wanted to try rolling her hair, so we also picked up a set of foam rubber curlers and I promised to roll her hair for her that night after she washed it.  As proof to my friends and family who find it inconceivable that I would ever put a child of mine in curlers, here is the final “wound-up” product.  FN 2.

Kayla investigating moths on the outside window

Front Curlers

I really didn’t expect the curlers to make it through the night, but they did.  She got up earlier than normal to pull them out, and got mad at me when I started brushing through them because it looked like I was pulling the curl out.  I told her to wait a minute, and I would show her some magic.  I pulled the top layer of her hair back into a ponytail, leaving the bottom loose, which revealed a lot of curls, and she was happy.

Final Outcome

This latest round of hair care products better last a while now; I don’t think I’m up for another such excursion for quite a while.

Have a great day everyone!


FN1.  “To die laughing” is a Southern colloquialism meaning “to laugh as hard as you can.”

FN2.  I had her permission to take the pictures of her in curlers; it seemed fair to ask her before posting them.

10 responses to “Shampoo

  1. From one with corkscrew curls – talk her out of curly hair!!! Quickly!!! (Although her pic is very cute!)

    • She has had curly hair her whole life and wanted it straight – until this year, when for some reason she wants it even curlier. I am just going to go with the flow. I have very straight hair, and have always wanted curly hair, so I am envious of your corkscrew curls!


  2. That is a cool post. All our family had curly hair so my mum told us if we ate our crusts our hair would go straight..we ate up.. it dod not work.. I needed two aisles of hair products!! you girls had a nice day.. lovely.. c

    • Kudos to your mom for thinking on her feet! My daughter still doesn’t eat her crusts. I’m not willing to let her buy two aisles of hair products, or I think she would try!


  3. My hair is straight…went through the perm craze, and then decided I was just going to leave it the way the Good Lord made it, even to the point of not coloring anymore. Now its white in the front, brown in the back, kinda’ like Della Reese. : ) Love this post … makes me wish I had a daughter to take shopping.

  4. My children have rushed to see my hair when I get a haircut only to be disappointed because they were hoping it would be longer than it was before. 🙂 Kayla’s hair looks great.

    • How old are your children now? I think it’s funny the ideas children get sometimes, but it’s always so hard to bring them back to reality. I really wish that there


      been a shampoo that made her hair longer, just because it would have so pleased her (and we probably would have gotten out of the store 20 minutes sooner!) I think Kayla’s hair is pretty no matter how she wears it, but she doesn’t always agree with me.


  5. Very lovely post. I am now trying to imagine myself in curlers 🙂

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