I’d Like to Thank The Academy….

Good morning everyone!

I am very pleased and gratified to have won the Versatile Blogger award twice in the last week.  I’d like to thank the Academy, my family, my readers, Mrs. Rogers (my high school English teacher), my family at work, my family at church, my friends, WordPress….You get the idea, I’m sure.

Now, the award as it was given to me asks that the recipient – in addition to traveling up and down the hallways at her place of employment announcing that she has won an award – link back in her blog to the blog(s) from which the award came, nominate other blogs as recipients of the award and let them know, and then list seven things about herself that will be new to her readers.  It’s taken more time than I expected to get together the information that I want to share, so I am going to have to split this into three posts.

The authors of If I Were Brave and Drusilla Mott were the people who nominated me for this award.  It’s just as well that they did, because if they hadn’t and if (a big if) I received it from someone else, I would nominate them

Over at If I Were Brave, the author is chronicling her year of attempting to live (more) dangerously than she did before.  Her writing is fresh, her topics resonate with many women (they certainly do with me!) and I have been following her for a while now. 

Drusilla Mott’s blog is a devotional blog which she very sensibly named Drusilla Mott.  She always has an encouraging or thoughtful word about Scripture or the Christian faith.  She is taking a break for a couple of days from blogging, but I hope that she will be back soon.

  • In other news…

My mom is here for a couple of weeks.  She, Mark, Kayla and I went to Birmingham to meet my sister and her husband on Saturday.  On the way back, we decided to stop at a Bass Pro Shop to walk around and stretch our legs.  Before we reached the parking lot, I told Kayla, emphatically, that she was not to ask Grandma Dottie to buy her anything.  Receiving a less than enthusiastic response, I turned to Mark and pleaded, “Tell her don’t do that!”  In the back seat, Kayla turned to Grandma Dottie, lifted her hand in the classic “stop” post, and said firmly, “Don’t do that.”  All three of us adults couldn’t help it; we started laughing.  It is hard to scold your child and laugh at the same time, but I did try.

Have a great day everyone!


4 responses to “I’d Like to Thank The Academy….

  1. Congratulations! I liked your acceptance speech! 🙂

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