Hi Everyone!

Kayla has recently found a new toy to play with that gives her hours of enjoyment on the back porch with both Mandy and Darwin in tow – binoculars!  Now that the weather has cooled off a little bit, it is very pleasant on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to be out on the porch, so she will take the two youngest dogs out with her (sometimes they go voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily) and walk around the porch staring into the woods at the end of the court to see if she can see the deer, or any other type of wildlife.  We have told her that the deer are not out much in the middle of the day, but since youth is ever hopeful, she has blithely ignored that unpleasant fact and happily searches.  She did get to watch our neighbor’s Yorkie chase a cat through the woods for a little ways one day; I was a little surprised that the cat ran, since it was bigger and stronger than the Yorkie, but run it did.  Oh well, there are a lot worse things she could do, and the view from the porch is certainly stunning this time of year!

View from our porch!

She has, she believes, learned the ins and outs of nursing parents through surgery.  She announced to my Mom-in-law yesterday, when she was told in the course of good-byes to take good care of me, that I was easy to take care of; you just needed to provide me with a pillow and my best friend, Diet Coke, and I would be happy!  I am sure Mark and Mom, both of whom have been very good to me this first post-surgery week listened to that with an exclamation point.  It’s been a lot more work for them than just giving me Diet Cokes and pillows! 

The dogs certainly have enjoyed this past week; there’s been a lot less crating because someone has been at the house more, giving them extra time to pursue their busy nap schedules.  Mandy is particularly concerned; every so often, she jumps up with great haste from the spot where she is napping, rushes over to another spot, and settles in for her next nap.  I don’t know why she couldn’t just stay in the first spot, but it seems to be important to her.


I better sign off now; I am seeing a rope toy making huge circles behind my mother, so I need to make sure that Darwin isn’t about to do something silly.


Have a great day everyone!


7 responses to “Binoculars!

  1. I can remember as a young child using binoculars towatch the mountains across from the farm we would visit. It would always intrigue me that you could see so clearly something so very far away. : )

  2. What a beautiful view you have!

  3. Very beautiful view! Mandy and Darwin look like a delightful handful! My dog is not very fond of the crate but she can’t be trusted to her own devices 😉

  4. Diet Coke and pillows – you are an easy patient! 🙂 Hope you are recovering well. My little person has binoculars and likes to sit on the balcony and explore the neighborhood.

    • Thanks Bassa! I’m not sure my mom and husband would think I’m an easy patient, but little people, as you know, have their own view of the world! I’m glad to know it is not only my daughter that likes to explore the world with binoculars. Does your little person tell you what he sees?

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