The Price is Right (?)

Hi Everyone!

As you know if you follow this blog, I am at home right now recuperating from surgery.  My Mom is here helping me.  She also decided to make Kayla’s Halloween costume while she is here (she and Kayla have agreed on a Rapunzel costume.)  When I came out of my room this morning from my morning nap, Mom had the TV on just for the background noise value while she was sewing.  The Price is Right was on.  I haven’t watched it for years – it is entertaining, plus I like Drew Carey, but I am astonished at the prices that they are listing for items on the show.

Brookstone Vienna Plus Cappuccino Espresso Maker, $580.00

For example, they had four contestants guess on the price of an espresso cappuccino machine.    The low guess was $400, and the high guess was $700.  The actual price?  Over $1000!!! 

Apparently, the Price is Right people don’t shop where I do.  I just did a Google search for espresso cappuccino machines, and the highest priced one the computer pulled on the first round was around $130.00.  After a little more searching, I found the one pictured above, which looks like a very nice one even to a non-espresso, non-capuccino aficionado, and it was $580.00.   Now, I am sure the model on the show had many extra features than the one I just pulled, but still…

At Lowe's, Dacor professional 48 inch dual fuel range, priced at $10,799

They also had a steam shower and an oven range for one contestant, and they wanted the contestant to guess which one was worth $5470.00.  The contestant picked the steam shower, which is what I would have picked also.  However, my reasoning was that there was no way an oven range would cost that much (this did not look to me like one of the souped up commercial ranges). 

Boy was I wrong!  The oven range cost over $8000!  So, again, knowing I have never in my life spent that much for an entire kitchen’s worth of appliances, (we bought our first oven for our first house $150.00 at an auction 19 years ago), let alone for one appliance, I took a second quick hop back to the internet to price oven ranges.  To splurge, I went ahead and priced double oven ranges.  The first results I came up with topped out at $1700, but investigating further I found that there are indeed professional ranges that even exceed $10,000, so perhaps the Price is Right people did come up with a bargain on that one. 

Still, I think someone should suggest to them that they try shopping at Wal-mart, Target, Lowe’s or Home Depot like the rest of us.  Or maybe I’m just cheap…..

Have a great day everyone!


15 responses to “The Price is Right (?)

  1. My question would be: who needs that espresso-cappuchino machine?

    By the way, Nancy, just a bit of constructive criticism: the flashing add making me dizzy doesn’t really look inviting. Silly people click on such things and when it’s a virus, that’s the last time you saw them on your blog. I’m allergic to such ads.

    • Hi Stella! My first reaction was, what flashing ad? Then I went to the post directly from the web without going through the admin page, and saw that I had an ad placed there to, although it wasn’t a flashing ad. I am not sure where they are coming from. Thank you for letting me know.

  2. Never mind; I just found out WordPress runs ads on posts sometimes on it own to help pay its bills. Sorry! All I can say is, it wasn’t me!

  3. I would take it as a compliment. The only time I get adds is the one time my readership went up above 150 people. Since my adverage is 20 readers I don’t get an add. The price of popularity

  4. WOW! Imagine the luxury of being able to afford an over-priced espresso machine! If I could purchase that without a blink of the eye I wouldn’t have a care in the world! Hope you are back on your feet soon 🙂

  5. Get well soon Nancy – you are watching too much day time TV!

    • Thanks Bassa! You’ll be happy to see in today’s post that I spent yesterday painting and walking, not watching TV, although it was on in the background…

  6. I hope your recovery is going well. I use to love watching The Price is Right whenever I was home at that time. The prices uses to astonish me too.
    BTW, I just discovered today your award you gave to me! Thank you so much! I have been so overwhelmed with work and life, that I am just now getting a chance to go back through and do my responses. (I had NO idea how much time has gone by…geeze!) I appreciate your award and the kind sweet words you said. : )

    • You are very welcome for your award; you deserve it, and your blog is a lot of fun to read. Besides, our lives seem to sort of parallel between juggling children, dogs, work and blogs! I had to do some catching up on past blogs right after my surgery, and it is hard to catch up, but you hate to let any pass by!

  7. You aren’t cheap. Thrifty maybe, never cheap. 😉

    I am thrifty, too.

  8. They were obviously shopping in Brazil.
    What surgery? Sorry, I’ve been so occupied with travel, birthday parties, etc, I obviously need to catch up on my blogger friends. I hope you are recovering well.

    • Ahhh, the mystery of the Price is Right prices is finally explained! My surgery was a robotic, laparoscopic surgery of the female sort, and my recovery is going pretty well so far. Thanks for asking.

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