Random Thoughts, Part Deux

Good morning Everyone! 

Here are a few random thoughts/questions.

1) Where is Old Zealand? 

2) Why do we have New York, New Jersey, New Bern but not New Birmingham?

3) Did you know there is a road in California called Zzyzx Road?  I passed the exit for it once when I was a child.  I also thought of it as the end of the road!

4) Spell check is really unhappy with the term “Zzyzx.”

5) There are nine cities and towns named Atlanta in the United States.  They are located in Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Missouri and Kansas. 

6)  If there is anyone out there who works full-time, has a child/children, commutes over 30 minutes each way to work and is not perpetually tired, could you please let me know how you do it?

7)  People who search for the terms “basset hound/Siberian husky” are NOT very good at explaining why they are looking for the information.  It’s driving me nuts!

8 ) Never let the copier at work know when you have a project that has to be completed that day.  If it knows, the odds of it breaking before the project is finished go up astronomically.

9) It is even more important to keep your computer in the dark about projects that have to be completed that day.

10) I can’t speak French.  I hope that I have spelled “deux” correctly and that it does mean two and not something else.

11) Mandy is a great footwarmer.

12) Science has proven that it was, in fact, the egg that came first and not the chicken. 

13) There is nothing much funnier than watching a 90 pound dog with legs he’s not very good at controlling rounding a corner at full speed on a wooden floor and losing his balance because he can’t get traction.  (Picture Darwin in a Scooby Doo cartoon.)

14) The expression on his face once he recovers from the slide is even funnier. 

15) The expression on Mandy’s face when he loses traction and she doesn’t is funniest of all!  

16) If you decide to make Christmas gifts, and they’re not finished by December 1, give it up and go ahead and buy them instead and save the hand-made gifts for next year.  Your life will be much easier.

17) Why isn’t an in-house masseuse a regular perk at businesses? 

18) If it is a choice between your job and your child with a very high fever, the child always wins.  He/she makes a lot more noise!

19) Why do children get sick at 2:00 a.m. in the morning or on the weekends and not at 5:00 p.m. in the evening when you still have time to make it to the urgent care center?

20) Even the worst of days can get suddenly better with a smile, a kind word or a hug from someone you love.

That’s enough for now since I need to get ready for work.  As Kayla said the other day, “It’s time to rock the roll!” 

Have a great day everyone!


12 responses to “Random Thoughts, Part Deux

  1. Great post Nancy! Certianly got me smiling. So I can sort of give you ‘old’ Zealand – Zealand is actually the biggest island of the 300 or so that make up Denmark and on which Copenhagen sits. And on weird search terms I hear you! Someone searched ‘helicopter desserts’ the other day and ended up at my blog. I wish I had the vaguest idea why that linked to one of my posts. I don’t write on recipes and I’ve never written about helicopters! Have a rocking and rolling great day!

    • I’m glad my post had you smiling! Thank you for letting me know where “old” Zealand was, but now I have another question – why is a nation that was a British colony named after an island in Denmark?

  2. Oh I got beaten to it with the Zealand answer! I knew that! I am from the New Zealand..
    You have a lovely day too! c

    • Thanks C. How’s the diet going? You might be able to answer my second question, though, which is why a nation which was a British colony named after an island in Denmark?

  3. I hope you are having a beautiful day! And of course you deux has been spelled correctly 🙂

  4. Thanks for your humor Nancy. You make the day brighter!

  5. You gave me lots of smiles with this one.

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