The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Hi Everyone!

In honor of Halloween, here are some photographs of the ghosts of Halloween past.

It will not surprise you , when you see this picture, to learn that I had to dig long and hard in the archives before I found it.  This is myself and one of my sisters in our Halloween costumes that I am pretty sure my mother made for us.

While there should be more pictures of my and my sisters from Halloween, apparently I don’t have them, but what I do have are plenty of pictures from Kayla’s Halloweens (except 2009, which was an odd year.)

Halloween, 2005

This was our first Halloween together as a family.  Kayla would have still been three, but just about ready to turn four.

We lived in a real neighborhood then, one with sidewalks and everything, so we knew we would have trick-or-treaters come by our house.  Mark’s mother was kind enough to come by to answer our door while we took Kayla trick or treating for the first time.

She remembered to wait politely at the door.

But there were some places she wasn’t altogether sure of!

Halloween, 2006

This was the year she decided to be Cinderella.  I think my mom bought her costume this year for her as a gift.  These pictures are from our church carnival.

I think she was happy!

Obviously, candy wasn’t the only attraction to the carnival!

The Princess Slide!

Halloween, 2007

I made Kayla’s costume this year, for two reasons.  One is, I just think every mother should make her child’s costume at least once.  The second is, she wanted to be a bunny rabbit and off the shelf bunny rabbit costumes can be hard to find!  I’ll let you decide which reason was more important.

 Even as a rabbit, she was a lean, mean pumpkin pushing machine!

Oh – and that year Mark’s work had a Halloween costume contest.  He won!

Halloween, 2008

This year was unusual because we had very little time to get ready for Halloween.  Kayla had walking pneumonia for the two weeks before Halloween, and was just back out and about, so we got her costume at the last minute.  She decided to be a fairy.

She and I went to the Halloween carnival together.

I think she had fun again.  I put a little make-up on her, which was (and still is) a very rare treat. 

Halloween 2009

I cannot find the Halloween pictures from 2009, (they’re probably hidden somewhere completely logical like in a folder marked “Football Game”) but go back up to the bunny rabbit costume, picture it with longer sleeves with elastic at the wrists, a stuffed cat tail instead of the short cotton tail, and done in yellows and browns instead of all white, and you will get the idea!  I made the costume that year both because I wanted to and because she announced emphatically that she wanted to be a cat with a real tail for Halloween that year, and I wasn’t sure else how to get a real tail besides to make it.

Halloween 2010

Last year, Kayla decided to be The Little Mermaid.  This costume, she and my mom picked out together.  We got a chance to have her put it on and take some pictures before we went out anywhere, and we had fun with it.  Here, the Little Mermaid is holding court in her….kitchen (?)

Kayla decorated a pumpkin last year by drawing on it, and she did a great job. 

And finally, what is the use of doing a photo shoot if you don’t get to goof around at least a little?

I’m not sure she knew I actually took that picture…

 Have a great day everyone!


15 responses to “The Ghosts of Halloween Past

  1. Love your walk down memory lane!! Love all her costumes. Bri was Ariel last year too! Great minds. 😀 And I LOVE Mark’s costume!

    Hope Kayla has a wonderful time trick or treating!!!

  2. I didn’t make costumes to often. Those witch costumes were so big they lasted for years. Somehow, I do remember Stacy being a clown, and there cat costumes when we lived in Taiwan.

  3. I like these, Nancy. It brings back memories of when my son was small. I wonder how he would feel if I posted some of them 🙂 (he just turned 36 last month and didn’t answer my email request to post some pictures on his birthday message — even when I promised I wouldn’t embarrass him). Thanks for sharing your memories.

  4. Perfect pictures! A lovely walk of Halloweens Past!

  5. Wonderful post of past Halloweens Nancy. Very lovely pictures. The face drawn on the pumpkin is great 🙂

  6. This is great. My daughter is also about to turn 4. Their birthdays must be very close!
    I agree. A mother should attempt at least one Halloween costume. (Maybe next year.)

  7. I mean, I know Kayla turned four a few years ago… but the birth DATES must be close.

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