Halloween Present: Princess Rapunzel

Hi Everyone!

Princess Rapunzel Checks Her Hair

You know I couldn’t post about Halloween Past without moving on to Halloween Present, didn’t you?  For those of you who are not enamored of pictures of someone else’s child, hang in there; I’ll have to find something else to talk about tomorrow! 

The princess ascends her throne

My Mom made every bit of this costume herself for Kayla, from the dress to the hair, and I think it is the most beautiful costume Kayla has had.

You called?

The first few pictures Kayla and I took Thursday night last week.  Kayla’s school was having Red Ribbon Week and the school book fair, and Friday they were allowed to dress up in costumes as book characters.

Kayla was a little indignant; other children in her class told her that Rapunzel was not a book character, and Kayla knew better. 

I'm not sure what she was doing here...

She decided to prove her point by taking the Rapunzel book she had to school with her.  I gathered from her Friday afternoon that producing the book pretty well squelched the “Rapunzel is not a book character” argument.

As Pretty A Princess As Can Be

The point is, though, that like any other wise mother who wants to have pictures of their child in a specific outfit, I decided to go ahead and take pictures on Thursday night in case the unthinkable occurred Friday and something – a stain, a tear or who knows what else – happened to the costume.

All modern princesses know how to use a PDA!

I needn’t have worried though; the costume came back home in pristine condition, and ready for its next escapade last night, when we went up to our church’s “Trunk or Treat” Festival. 

That first bite of candy!

The way Trunk or Treat works is that you arrive at the church as a family, register, and then you have a parking lot full of cars, SUV’s, trucks and even a fire truck that are decorated for Halloween with their trunks open and the child trick or treats her way around the circle of cars.  She came out with a pretty good haul!

Princess Rapunzel Considers the Best Way to Climb the Wall

After you completed the circle, the church had several blow up bouncy thingies (I don’t know anything more precise to call them, but I’m sure there is a term out there somewhere!) for the kids to play in.  The funniest conversation was listening to Kayla and a friend of hers from school that she ran into trying to figure out what to do with her skirt to help her participate in the bounce up and down house. 

Princess Rapunzel Climbs a Wall

In the end, she decided to leave it loose, since she had worn a pair of leggings underneath the skirt anyhow.  Leaving it loose didn’t hamper her jumping , nor did it restrain her when it came time to do the obstacle course.

Talking to Daddy

However, all good things must come to an end, even jumping on the bouncy thingies at the church carnival, so when we finally called her in, she had to put her sneakers back on.  (What?  You didn’t know that Princess dresses and sneakers are the height of high fashion at Court?  They are when it is cold outside!)  She did so talking non-stop to Mark.

She finally got her shoes on, and we headed back to the house for a quick supper, and then bed, one more Halloween under our belt!

Have a great day everyone!


P.S.  Mom- thank you again for making the costume.  It is beautiful!

12 responses to “Halloween Present: Princess Rapunzel

  1. Aaahh, one of the joys of being a grandmother. That headband and braid was heavy. I am surprised she kept it on as long as she did.
    She did look great. So much for the literary knowledge of the 4th graders!

    • She is very proud of that costume, including the headband and braid and I am too! I think she was pleased to be able to shush the voice of the 4th grade critics!

  2. nice costume and I love that KAyla still wants to dress as a princess! I am having the whole struggle w whether or not we do a princess party this year,, HG insists but I worry she her friends will think they are “too old” for princess’

    • Hi Joann! It was the Rapunzel that was more intriguing than the princess to Kayla, but she didn’t mind the concept of being “Her Majesty” one little bit either! If HG wants a princess party, let her have at it! Her friends will have a good time, and if they don’t want to do “princess” they will come up with their own invention involving the same dresses, so it will be fine! Besides, children are never quite as old as they think they are and what they are willing to play proves it!

  3. Kayla looked lovely – a real princess.

  4. She looks lovely. Glad you all had fun!!

  5. Great costume! It looks like it was a wonderful time!

  6. “Trunk or Treat” is such a good Halloween strategy! She is adorable. Awesome costume. I remember when I was a child my mother made us costumes. Makes Halloween more special. (What world are we living in where children don’t know that Rupunzel is a story book?!)

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