Too much alike!

Hi Everyone!

I have a bone to pick with the Coca-Cola company today.

It was really cold yesterday morning, and I was sleepy, so stumbling out into the garage to obtain my diet coke for my caffeine starter for the day was more of a shock than usual.  I grabbed two cans off of the refrigerator shelf – we have an extra refrigerator in the garage we use for storing drinks and other stuff – with my eyes half-open, stumbled back into the house and got ready to drink my drink, when I discovered that the winter design for the Coca-Cola can was too similar to the Diet Coke can.  I know this, because I had grabbed one of each. 

Here is a picture of the “normal” Coke can: 

And here is a picture of a Diet Coke can with the winter Coca-Cola can:

That is just too much alike for people who are sleepy in the morning!  Even half-asleep, I can tell the difference between the silver Diet Coke can and the bright red Coke can, but the silver and the white, not so much.  I am hereby pleading with Coke to revert to the original red can.  Does anyone think they will listen?

I hope so; we have a whole shelf in the refrigerator full of white Coke cans.  I can’t decide if that was by design, or if someone else in my family also thought that the white cans were diet coke cans and not regular Coke.

Have a great day !


4 responses to “Too much alike!

  1. Outrageous.. write them a letter, or stop drinking copious amounts of sugar for breakfast! What are they thinking? c

    • Fortunately, I like Diet Coke which does not have copious amounts of sugar in it, although it does have copious amounts of some kind of artificial sweetener. You really don’t want me to stop drinking this stuff. I get very, very cranky as I start through withdrawal! My husband once went to the grocery store at the beginning of a snow storm (it is a tradition here in the South; if the forecast is snow, we all rush to the store to get milk, and bread, in case the power goes out. The bread I understand, but if the power is out for very long, the milk will end up being spoiled.) Everyone else in line had bread and milk; he had a twelve pack of Diet Coke. Kayla asked him why, and he told her that he wasn’t about to be caught in the house with me during a snow storm without Diet Coke available! Nancy

  2. This is scandalous! How many millions of innocent sleepy people have been deceived by this heinous crime? 🙂

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