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Too much alike!

Hi Everyone!

I have a bone to pick with the Coca-Cola company today.

It was really cold yesterday morning, and I was sleepy, so stumbling out into the garage to obtain my diet coke for my caffeine starter for the day was more of a shock than usual.  I grabbed two cans off of the refrigerator shelf – we have an extra refrigerator in the garage we use for storing drinks and other stuff – with my eyes half-open, stumbled back into the house and got ready to drink my drink, when I discovered that the winter design for the Coca-Cola can was too similar to the Diet Coke can.  I know this, because I had grabbed one of each. 

Here is a picture of the “normal” Coke can: 

And here is a picture of a Diet Coke can with the winter Coca-Cola can:

That is just too much alike for people who are sleepy in the morning!  Even half-asleep, I can tell the difference between the silver Diet Coke can and the bright red Coke can, but the silver and the white, not so much.  I am hereby pleading with Coke to revert to the original red can.  Does anyone think they will listen?

I hope so; we have a whole shelf in the refrigerator full of white Coke cans.  I can’t decide if that was by design, or if someone else in my family also thought that the white cans were diet coke cans and not regular Coke.

Have a great day !