Inappropriate O’Fences

Good morning Everyone!

Kayla is at an age now where one of our joys is listening to her thoughts and vocabulary expand.  Of course, she doesn’t always get every word right the first time, but the things she says can really surprise us.

This weekend, we went to the hospital to visit someone, and on the way into the hospital Mark was roughhousing with Kayla, just a little bit.  She looked up at him and said sternly, “Playing in the hospital like that is inappropriate.”  Both Mark and I had to stifle a laugh.  (Somehow, laughing out loud in the hospital waiting room also seemed inappropriate.)

Sunday night though, I laughed out loud.  While we were eating spaghetti and bread on trays in front of the TV (it was the playoffs, after all!), Mark started teasing Kayla about something.  She informed him that doing so “while I’m eating is O’Fences.”  I started to laugh, and had to calm down enough to explain that the correct word was “offensive.”  Mark thought it was funny, too.

Have a great day everyone!


8 responses to “Inappropriate O’Fences

  1. Cute! They do say the sweetest things 🙂

  2. Kids! Love Em’
    My son used to say mazagine instead of magazine
    My grandson has trouble with his “T’s” – he would say Palm Pree, Prucks and Practors

    • We had “bessert” instead of “dessert” until Kayla was 6 or 7, too. The inappropriate o’fences was funnier because she was trying to express a very grown up thought with almost the right words. I appreciate how often you stop by.


  3. Very funny 🙂 Does your family have an Irish background Nancy – perhaps “O’Fences” surfaced from some latent genetic memory 🙂

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