Coal Tar and Cordless Phones

Good morning Everyone!

One of the joys (at least for a woman) of shampooing your hair is the way your hair smells once you finish.  The shampoo manufacturers, well aware of this, deliberately design their shampoos to have all kinds of interesting scents for their users.  Whether you like lavender mixed with freesia, or strawberry/passionfruit/banana or kiwi lime, there is a scent for you.  Unless….

I have a scalp condition (oh, heck, we’ll call a spade a spade or a rose a rose or however the saying goes and say dandruff) that recently has flared up and it was necessary last week for me to try something that corrects the condition more aggressively.  I decided to try a Neutrogena product, T/Gel.  While no scent was listed on the bottle, I didn’t really worry about it, although I did notice that the active ingredient was coal tar.  Knowing shampoo manufacturers, I was sure that there was enough other stuff in there to make it smell good anyhow.  Boy, was I wrong!  Let’s just say that without copious amounts of conditioner, people think an airplane tarmac is approaching before I round the corner.  Even with copious amounts of conditioner, the faint scent of Eau de Asphalt lingers around my hair for a day or so.  The only things I can say for it is 1) it does work very well and 2) you only have to use it twice a week.

Now on to cordless phones….

We have a phone system that provides us with three cordless phones.  The master unit is in the kitchen, and handset 1 sits on it.  Handset 2 sits on a charger in the den.  The third charger unit is in our bedroom on one of the bedside tables and Handset 3 is supposed to reside there.  The reasoning behind getting a system with three cordless phones was partly to make it  impossible to completely lose all three phones at any one time.

I am quite sure that reasoning works well for normal people, but for the talented disorganizer such as myself, it is a complete fallacy.  In just one or two phone calls, I can lose all three hand sets.  One day, as I searched in frustration for a phone to answer, the phones rang long enough for the answering machine to come on.  This was a plus, since at least I knew who to call back.  Then I went on a phone search odyssey, to finally discover Handset 1, which should stay in the kitchen, in our bathroom, Handset 2 buried under three pillows on the couch in the den (at least it was somewhere in the right room) and Handset 3 comfortably resting on top of the washer in the laundry room.  Even I had to stop for a second and marvel at the combination of absent-mindedness and disorganization that created that particular arrangement.

Have a great day everyone!


10 responses to “Coal Tar and Cordless Phones

  1. Nancy, tall person suggests you use Head and Shoulders shampoo – effective and smells okay! Very funny story about your phones – try attaching all of them by long string to your wrist when you are in the house 🙂

  2. Nicki Crawford

    We had 4 phones once and still managed to lose them all. Once the little people start using them you never know where they will end up! Cait had all 4 of them in her room more tjan once. Since we’ve gone cell phone only it’s not near as bad. Everyone is responsible for their own.

  3. I enjoy your mis-adventures. 🙂

  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Think you have a 10 year old that helps “lose” the telephone.

  5. What does coal tar do to your brain? Sounds like a conspiracy afoot.

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