Of Math and Cows

Hi Everyone!

We were driving somewhere the other day, and Kayla was in an exceptionally bouyant mood.

Distorted Numbers

We started the drive by giving her a surprise oral basic math facts quiz, which normally leads to tears and temper but which she cheerfully answered on this day.  I threw out lots of addition and multiplication questions, all of which Kayla got correct, then I abruptly changed stream and asked:  9-5.
Kayla’s response?  “Crap.”  (She immediatelty followed that up with the right answer, 4.)


After a while, we also drove by a herd of cows, placidly grazing in a field.  Kayla’s observation?

“If I were a cow, I’d be the meanest cow ever.  You wouldn’t make bacon out of me!”

Fast Food Take Out

The funniest one, though, was last weekend when we were returning from a wedding in North Carolina and were looking for a fast food place to get breakfast.  For years, I would get biscuits from McDonald’s  but in the last few months, I have switched to a preference for cinnamon rolls from Burger King.  When Mark pointed out the McDonald’s, and I suggested we keep looking, Kayla, demonstrating her ever increasing grasp of our family’s gift of gentle satire, said sorrowfully from the back seat,  “Mom, I’m sorry about your relationship with McDonald’s.”  It made all of us laugh.

Have a good weekend!


One response to “Of Math and Cows

  1. “You wouldn’t make bacon out of me!” Classic! 🙂

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