Memories From Nashville

Good morning Everyone!

I am speaking today for an hour at a legal seminar here in Nashville, and driving up yesterday, it occurred to me that this is the first time I have been to Nashville by myself since Kayla was 4!  It was a never to be forgotten visit, but not from my end.

I had a few minutes free and was looking for some tiny souvenir to bring back for Kayla in downtown Nashville.  I went into a souvenir shop, where they had a bin of polished rocks.  You could buy so many rocks for a couple of dollars, then put them in a bag that said something original like “Rocks from Nashville.”  Kayla was in that four year old stage where kids pick up any kind of rock they find that they think is interesting, so I thought she would like it.

I had just walked out of the store, when my phone rang.  It was Mark.  I asked him what was up, and the conversation started with “Your daughter…”

I knew right then that whatever it was was not going to be good.  It turned out that Kayla and a friend had gotten bored at day care, and decided to amuse themselves by putting rocks into each other’s ear, then watching them fall out.   (Yes, you can see where this is going.)  Strangely enough, the rock in Kayla’s ear didn’t want to shake out.

Day care called Mark, who left work and took Kayla to the pediatrician.  To this day, he is not sure whether he is more amazed that he had a daughter silly enough to let someone put a rock in her ear or that enough other children had done it before her that the pediatrician had a specialized tool that could flush the rock out with water.

I waited until I got home to tell Mark what I had gotten Kayla for a souvenir.

Have a great day!


7 responses to “Memories From Nashville

  1. I work just south of Nashville in Cool Springs! I’m obviously busy at my desk right now.. reading blog posts. This just made my day! First, I am glad the rock came out! Yay for pediatricians. Second, the last line.. you waited to tell your hubby what gift you bought made me laugh. Good luck with your seminar!

  2. I love this story!! Once when I went to pick up our daughter at preschool, I was greeted by a note that said, “I will not cut Lauren’s hair.” I turned it over and it said, “I will not cut Christopher’s hair.” Three guesses what my kid did when she was bored that day!

  3. Awesome! Don’t kids always find a way of putting irony in our lives without ever knowing what that means 🙂

  4. A friend’s son stuck a section of green bamboo up his nose — past a joint — a rather large joint — At least the scar isn’t to bad. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas. Come visit to get my “Christmas Card” for my blogger friends.

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