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Mother’s Day, 2007

Good morning Everyone!

Kayla came to live with us the year I turned 40.  She was three. I noticed immediately that I was usually the oldest mother in any gathering, but I didn’t know that Kayla had noticed it too.

The year she turned five her day care held a Mother’s Day lunch, and of course I went.   I arrived bright and early with my camera, to find the tables neatly decorated with tablecloths, flowers planted in styrofoam cups for decoration, and signs taped to each chair.  The signs were drawn by each child, and were meant to mark their mother’s place.  I found my place adorned with the following sign:


It said: 

My Mom is 100 years old.

She has Brown hair and brown eyes.

My mom’s favorite color is all colors.

She likes to eat salad the best.

I make my mom happy when I hug her.

My mom always says I love you.

My mom is so smart she can read.

I love it when my mom and I hug.

I laughed until I cried over the age; it was even funnier when I overheard one mother, who was roaming the tables looking at the signs tell another mother “Oh, look, that mom’s child put her age at 80” and the other mom say, “Well, some poor woman’s child listed her age at 100!” 

It won’t surprise anyone out there, I am sure, to learn that the sign is still in my closet, hidden away for posterity.

Have a great day everyone!


Reflections from the other side of 46

Reflections from the other side of 46:

  • Do not salt home-made fries without wearing your glasses, or you won’t be able to see  the salt coming out of the shaker. 
  • Do pay attention to what you are doing in the kitchen; placing your hand on a burner that is still hot will cause extreme pain.
  • The floor keeps getting farther and farther away.
  • The print on books and menus keeps getting smaller and smaller.
  • My glasses keep getting more and more expensive.
  • Light bulbs are not as bright as they used to be. 
  • Your joints suddenly acquire a strange resemblance to Rice Krispies.  (Snap, crackle, pop!)
  • I thought I’d finished with exceptional mood swings and acne once I passed my teens.
  • It is NOT unreasonable to have the air conditioner on when the outside temperature is below 30!
  • An “all-nighter” now  is not.
  •  They say, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”  I’m not convinced.
  • Don’t say, “It could be worse.”  It usually gets there before it gets better.
  • Experience is the best teacher, but not always the most comfortable one.  
  • Love grows bigger, better, deeper and wider each year.
  • So do your relationships.
  • Your sense of humor gets better, too.
  • And always, no matter what age you’re at, “these three things remain:  faith, hope and love.  And the greatest of these is love.”

Have a great day everyone!