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Dance in the Dark

Dance in the Dark

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that Yahoo Contributor has allowed me to publish a short story at the following link:  A Dance in the Dark.  The assignment was to write a short story based on an image, and this is the image I chose.  The story itself is one where fantasy and faith meet.  I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great weekend!  


Rash Promises and Blaky Wakey!

Hi Everyone!

I’m a little bit late today, I know, but my bronchitis is trying to decide whether to come back or not, so it took  me a little longer than usual to get ready for work, which means my morning blogging time was interrupted.  I am now using my (late) lunch hour to accomplish the same thing.  For those of you who are worried about how Mandy did without someone sitting by her, at least she ate!  She had the chance to get entertained by the treadmill first, so that relaxed her a little bit first.

Mandy, Fascinated by the Treadmill

  • Rash Promises

Have you ever made a rash promise to your child?  One that just popped out before you really thought about it?  Well I have, and it is one that I’m going to get to have almost a whole year to think about! 

Grace and Poise I Shan't Have Come Next May!

Up until the day of her recital, Kayla was uncertain about whether she wanted to continue dance next year, and I couldn’t tell if she wanted to stop because she didn’t like dancing, or what was going on.  On recital day, I could tell that she did like to dance, so I asked her about continuing.  At first she wasn’t sure, but then the fatal words slipped out of my mouth – every recital, those parents who want to participate in a parents’ number at the recital get to do so  – “if you will sign back up for dance, I will do the parents’ number next year.”  She told me she wanted to think about it, but as we were walking out of the house for the second recital, she turned around to me and said, “Deal!”  I’m not sure what I was thinking, since I have two left feet, unless I am being led by my husband, and my sense of rhythm is only suitable for choral singing (not to mention that I am extremely out of shape, not helped by the bronchitis)  but I said the words, “I promise,” so I will live by them.  Mark finds it all highly amusing, and even my mother who was up for the recital thought it was a little funny too.

Please note that I will not be informing anyone in advance of the recital date, besides grandparents, next year;  however, I will tell you if I turn out to be the first parent in her dance studio’s history to be fired from the parent dance team!   

  • Blaky Wakey

As I mentioned yesterday, Kayla and I are now driving to work together, and while I did not have to resign control of the radio to the Disney Channel yesterday, this morning it was on before we left the driveway.  As we were driving, the DJ for the hour came on and announced something to the effect that we were listening to the “Blaky Wakey” show.  Kayla looked at me and said, “You’ve got to be kidding!  I’m just not in a Blaky Wakey mood this morning!”  I had to agree with her, but I also notice that the channel did not get changed, either. 

Have a great rest of the day everyone!