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Of Green Beans and Chocolate

Good morning Everyone!

Double Stuf Oreo Package

As Mark was leaving this morning, he remarked that perhaps it would be a good idea to move the Double Stuf Oreo bag off of the coffee table in the den since “Even a blind dog can find an Oreo now and then.”  (He was speaking both figuratively and literally; as well-behaved and blind as she is, I suspect that Tyra, when provided with a bag of Oreos just barely within her reach and a full 12 hour day within which to work on it, would figure out a way to reach the tantalizing treats.)

In the process of returning the Oreos back to their safe haven in the pantry, I also noticed the various canned food items arrayed on the shelves in the pantry, including the canned, French Style green beans.

Yucky!  From Print Shop Professional 2.0

Before I go any further, I have a confession to make – I truly hate most kinds of cooked vegetables.  Their unpleasant taste wrinkles my face in disgust just thinking about them.  It is the rare cooked vegetable that I come across that does not taste bitter to me.  (Salad stuff including various kinds of lettuce and tomato and carrots, etc. I do like.)  On the other hand, it is the rare chocolate flavored anything that I don’t like, and then it is usually because someone decided to taint the pure chocolate taste with coconut.  I have to force myself to eat the one, and restrain myself when it comes to the other.

computer files

But, if you’ll stop and think a minute, somewhere in my brain and nerve responses, I have filed away what chocolate tastes like and what green beans taste like.  Somehow, some way, it should be possible to switch the two files, just like you could in a computer, and place the “chocolate” taste under vegetables and the “vegetable” taste under chocolate.  Imagine a world where I could “indulge” myself on cooked carrots, cabbage and green beans, and consistently turn my nose up at Hershey’s, Reese’s and Oreos!


Just imagine the riches I could rake in by selling my secret to the rest of those in America who would also like to lose weight – why, I might even be able to challenge Bill Gates or Warren Buffet on the list of the top wealthiest individuals!   I might even get to star in an infomercial or two of my own, and what a hoot that would be.

Battling On

Bravely Battling On

Until that day, I will bravely battle on, counting out green beans singly as I place them on my plate in an attempt to make sure I eat the very minimum necessary to come close to the recommended daily requirements (I don’t have to be right up there; what else are multi-vitamins for?)

Have a great day everyone!