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Parking Not

Front Parking

Photo Credit: Me!
Parking Lot in front of Our Building

Good morning Everyone!

To quote my husband when he and Kayla were pulling into the garage last week (gleefully repeated to me by my daughter later), “I love your mother, but she cannot park.”

He’s right; I can’t. My co-workers know it; I’ve hit at least two of their cars over the years while parking. I was over the age of 35 before I managed to parallel park, and I’m still not sure that I would have managed it if the parallel spot hadn’t been the only spot within a mile of the office in the midst of a frog-strangler. FN1.

One of my fellow attorneys has a beautiful Porsche coupe convertible; it’s now about 10 years old and still looks like it came off the show room floor. Pulling off a rare successful practical joke, I walked into his office one day and said, “Randy, I’m sorry about the Porsche.” I don’t think his heart stopped, but I’m positive his face blanched for a second before I started laughing.


Photo Credit: http://www.cars.com

The office breathed a collective sigh of relief the day we traded in our Chevrolet Tahoe for an Aveo. The Tahoe was a great vehicle, but there was just too much of it!

Another collective sigh of relief emanated from the office when Mark and I got the car I currently drive, a Hyundai Sonata with that greatest of miracles – a rear view camera! As one co-worker observed, since then I have only needed one parking space to park in instead of two.

At home, the relief was short-lived. Did you know that the rear view mirror (passenger side) can still hit the frame of the garage door even when the rest of the car has clearance?  The mirror is sturdier than it looks; it’s survived three hits so far. Mark is pretty certain it won’t survive a fourth, though. Now if I pull into the garage and Kayla is with me, I go ahead and let her out to go on in the house while I concentrate on getting the car into the garage. So far, the record is about six tries before I got it right. Backing out can take anywhere from one to four tries.

So, the other day, when I parked the car at the grocery store, and I walked up to the person in the car beside me to ask if I had left him enough room to back out, explaining that I was not good at parking, I can hardly fault Kayla for chiming in brightly, “It’s true; she’s really rotten at it!”

Have a great day!


FN1. Frog-Strangler – a downpour; a gully washer