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Stopped up Sinks and French Italian

Good morning Everyone!

dysfunctional kitchen

The Dysfunctional Kitchen
from http://www.clickartonline.com

A few months ago, we had quite a time with stopped up drains.  First, the kitchen drain stopped up.  It finally took a plumber coming out and doing something to the pipes in the back of the house to get the kitchen drain at the front of the house fixed.  Then right afterwards the drain for the air conditioner in the garage clogged up.  (We think maybe it was the result of fixing the kitchen sink – something got loose and moved forward to the AC drain.)  We went through that sequence about twice, but for the last few months everything has been fine.

Until yesterday.  I was trying to scrub out a pan where someone (not me for a change!) had accidentally burnt meat and onion badly onto the bottom of a pan.  Suddenly I  realized that the water I was running over the pan in the sink just kept rising and rising rather than draining.  I was NOT a happy camper – until after five minutes of flailing around with different things, I realized that the (black) drain stopper was over the (black) drain.  Instant fix!

Italy Map

On a different note, yesterday evening I was telling Kayla and Mark about someone I know that is about to leave on a trip overseas to Italy. After I told Kayla she wasn’t allowed to invite herself to go along with them,  Kayla was still very impressed at the idea of traveling overseas to Italy.  I was curious, so I asked her what was the thing she would most want to see if she went to Italy.

Her answer?


And at that moment, a review of geography over the summer became a priority!

Have a great day!