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Life in a Small Town: The Local Paper

Good morning Everyone!

Do you think Disney really thought about the fact that they are releasing the new Winnie the Pooh movie on the same weekend as the last Harry Potter movie?  I know which one we are going to see.  (Hint:  Eeyore is not in it!)

But I digress – The local paper, which comes out once a week was delivered in the mail yesterday.  Kayla and I both enjoy reading it, and there is a good chance someone we know will be in it.  I find it very comforting that in this age of constant media bombardment, there still are places where “all the news fit to print” is printed once a week, in a paper that can be read in less than 10 minutes, usually. 

Front page news this week includes the fact that the mayor has had to give a radio statement to permanently and firmly squelch a rumor that had been going around town that he had recently been arrested and charged with DUI.  There is a huge color picture on the front page showing some of the members of the local swim team practicing for the district meet that is being held today with the caption “Shark Attack.”  Swim meets are a big thing in this town; one of my friends from another town in the area has his children doing swim team, too, and he says whenever my town is in a meet, there is so much purple and gold swarming the buildings that it reminds him of an LSU football game.  (Purple and gold are our sports teams’ colors – all sports.) 

It is also big news that the city council has approved one of the local (but chain) drug stores’ application to sell alcohol, and that a second Dollar General is moving into town.  A picture on the second page tells us that the Farmer’s Market drew a crowd this weekend, and that it will continue every Saturday until Labor Day from 7 – 11.  The wedding announcements and obituaries are always big news, as are the church announcements.  13 churches in our town have announcements in the paper, but on another page, which simply lists the churches here, there are a total of 75 listed.  (This is a good thing, not a bad thing.)

Sports news is always big, and this week is no exception.  One of the big stories is that football tickets and parking permits for the high school football games will be available to the public starting Monday, August 8.  High school football is one of our premier events – one year, our town moved the official celebration of Halloween from Friday, October 31 to Saturday, November 1 simply to avoid a conflict with the local football game. 

We have our share of sales ads, too – today’s sampling includes a 12 page ad from one of the local grocery stores, a 24 page leaflet from Best Buy, which is not located here but does have stores in both Montgomery and Auburn, both of which we can reach fairly easily, and an ad for a local pharmacy.  The ad I find most curious is the 12 page ad for Rite Aid, which no longer has a store in our town, and hasn’t for at least 8 months.  I suppose somebody somewhere will figure that out soon.

I didn’t see the “police blotter” listing arrests and calls for the police department this week, but I may have just overlooked it.  It usually is published, and it is always an interesting read, the more so because it is rarely tragic.  While we have unfortunately had a couple of really shocking crimes the past couple of years, including a brutal assault on an elderly couple, a murder, and an arson incident that took out a good portion of our downtown but by the grace of God failed to injure anyone, most of the time the police blotter is limited to calls about neighbor’s noises, domestic disturbances, traffic tickets, and that most interesting of categories, miscellaneous calls.  You never quite know what will turn up there!

Well, it’s Friday, but I have a lot of work to get done before next Tuesday, (a summary judgment response, a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals brief, and two Daubert motion responses) so I need to sign off for now. 

Have a great weekend everyone!