Good morning everyone!

  • Dogs in the Shower

Conversation from this morning:

Kayla (reflectively, from the other room):  Mom, you know how I can’t drag the dogs into the bath with me?   (Rules I Never Thought I’d Need # 8  )

Mom:  Yes.

Kayla:  Is that true for showers, too?

My question to you:  Is it progress that she asked before trying out the experiment or should I be dismayed that she had to ask at all?

  • The (Now non-) Beeping Fridge

Refrigerators - Public Domain Photograph by Paul Morse

About three days ago, the refrigerator in the garage finally stopped beeping.  It had been beeping a sequence of five beeps every minute or so since around July 20.  (See, The Beeping Fridge.)  Last time I checked, which was this morning, the rest of the refrigerator was still working.  So, did we break the beeper through lack of attention or did the refrigerator just give up on whatever it was trying to tell us since we refused to listen to it?

  • Pencils

Vending Machine Pencils

Kayla did buy three pencils yesterday.  (See, Pencils.)  I did not see them or get a picture of them.  Would it surprise any of you to know that none of them were the “winning” blue pencil?

  • Pencil Sharpener

My Firm's New Electric Pencil Sharpener, Exacto Brand

I found it ironic that yesterday, after writing a blog post about pencils that mentioned pencil sharpeners, I was unable to find either a manual or an electric pencil sharpener at work.  Immediately, I asked that the situation be remedied, and now my firm is the proud owner of one electric pencil sharpener that will reside in my office.

Have a great day everyone!


4 responses to “Progress?

  1. Very funny today. Kayla is really a hoot.

  2. She is her mother’s daughter. That is a very technical, legal question to ask.

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