A Bassett Hound/Siberian Husky Mix

Good morning everyone!

Mandy, Our Husky-Basset Hound Mix

This is Mandy, a cross between a Bassett Hound and a Siberian Husky.  She is, we believe, unique.  However, at least 17 times since I started this blog someone has found my blog through search engines with queries such as “Bassett Hound/Husky mix.”  Today’s post is for the unnamed people out there who are making such an unusual search.  I only ask one thing in return – please, please put me out of my misery and tell me why you are searching this term!  The suspense is killing me.

But I digress – We usually put the Bassett Hound first when we describe Mandy  because of the shape of her body, which is the distinctive low, looooooong, basset hound shape.

Mandy demonstrating her body length, ie., cruising counters looking for food

Her long body is set upon four very short legs, the front two of which are pigeon-toed.

Mandy sleeping with our old dog, Wooflesnort

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Mandy in what I call her “pageant pose” which is where she is standing up straight facing you head on, one pigeon-toed foot slightly in front of the other, but she is quite lady-like when she does that.

Mandy and Mark in the Morning

Her Siberian Husky heritage shows up in her coloring, and her fur.  She has the grey, white and black fur that some Siberian Huskies have.  She also has the softest fur of any dog I have ever petted.  Another Husky feature is her eyes:  she has one blue eye and one brown eye.  Kayla got the best picture of Mandy’s eyes we have so far.

Mandy's close-up

If you look very carefully at her brown eye, you will see that there is a small patch of blue on the left side of the eye.

We acquired Mandy from the Humane Society in a nearby city.  I have told this story in another post (See, The Day Mandy Came Home), but to make a long story short, I was sent with Kayla to get a labrador retriever or golden retriever mix, but Mandy was who I came home with.  She entered our family by way of leading me on three separate chases, with me wearing my Sunday best and heels, inlcuding one exciting chase across a crowded parking lot, before we ever got her home.

Mandy, shortly after we brought her home

She is sweet-tempered and harmless to everyone except possibly Darwin, her erstwhile partner in crime, when he tries to eat her food.  She is incredibly independent and stubborn.  I always attributed that to the Bassett Hound in her, until I learned yesterday that Siberian Huskies are stubborn and independent unless training starts with them at any early age, so she has a double dose.  She also possesses an almost indescribable joie de vivre, an irrepressible joy in just being alive and around us that keeps you smiling (unless you just discovered that she is chewing something important, like your new shoes).

Mandy laughing

Mandy was found by the Humane Society in a dumpster at McDonald’s, foraging for food, and because of that background, we have to keep a close watch on counters, food and trash cans at all times.  She and Darwin between them have scored raw pork chops, cooked steak, bread, ravioli and many other things off of counters and from trashcans.

Mandy and Darwin

She can run like a bat out of h  greased lightn very, very fast.  She escaped twice from our house before she decided she was going to stick with us as her new pack, and once she gets a full head of steam up, she is gone.  I have never seen a dog run so fast.  That speed comes from the Husky side, I guess.  I have never heard of Bassett Hounds doing a lot of running, but I may be wrong.

Mandy with Kayla's Flip-Flops ready to chew!

Because of her independent streak, she really doesn’t care too much what you think of her; therefore one of the nicknames that she has earned is “Bad Dog.”  If you catch Mandy chewing something and take it away and tell her “bad dog,” she looks at you steadily, as if to say, “That is an interesting point of view, but I’d rather have the handkerchief back, please.”

Mandy: Caught with a handkerchief

Those are some of the characteristics of our Bassett Hound/Husky mix.  Please, if you have one of your own, tell us about him or her.  I would be interested to know if there are any others out there and what they are like.  And for heaven’s sake, if you come across this post in response to a search you are making about Bassett Hound/Husky mixes, please leave a comment and let me know why you are interested!  My curiosity will be forever indebted to you.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. As Mandy is one of favorite granddogs I can also say she is loving AND sweet. Her personality is her own. Although she is her own “person” she definitely loves being a part of a family.

    • All four of your granddogs are one of your favorite granddogs! She is loving AND sweet, but she is also definitely her own dog. She does love being a part of a family now, but it took her a little while at first. I love you!


  2. Love the doggie tales and the pictures!
    Prayers for your day

  3. I have a “busky” myself (as we’ve dubbed basset/husky mixes), but he is primarily black with a little bit of white on his muzzle, chest, and paws. Your descriptions of Mandy apply equally as well to my Bo. Buskys are decidedly unique and positively adorable!

    • Do you have a picture? I would love to see one of Bo! Also, if you’ll look through my site, or search for the word “Sawyer” on my site, you will see another “busky” whose owner found me through my web site. OUR busky is impossible to train, very low key and absolutely loving and adorable!

  4. His original adoption page is here http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/18088719 (complete with a picture of me!) He’s a very stubborn boy, but also like treats, so he caught on to training very well. When he wants to, of course. I’ll check out Sawyer, thanks for the tip!

    • What a wonderful looking dog! If you would send me an e-mail address, I would like to send you a picture of our second dog, Woof. Not only does he have Mandy’s body shop, but he also remarkably looks like Woof! Is he now officially adopted by you or are you fostering him?

    • P.S. Is it okay if I write a little bit about him in a post one day?

  5. He’s officially mine now; they just never updated that page after the papers were signed. I’d love for Bo to be a guest star on your blog. my email is minicooperfs[at]gmail.

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  7. I was searching for a basset hound/husky because I currently own a husky/Labrador retriever named Pepper, whom I’d adopted from a pound shortly ago. She was found at a puppy mill. Luckily, puppy mills usually keep certain kinds of records, due to the fact that they sell them as purebreds. They brought her in pregnant. She was found chained to a fence outback with a male basset. So they’re guessing he’s the father of the unborn puppies. I took her as a foster, had her a week, and couldn’t stand the thought of taking her back. She’s due in about a month and a half, and the adoption papers have been filled out for about three weeks.
    I was mainly searching for basset/husky mixes becauseI was trying to decide what the puppies would look like.

    • How is Pepper doing now? When will she have her puppies? Do you live in the Southern United States and what do you plan to do with said puppies? 🙂 Will you take pictures of said puppies and share them with me?


  8. We have a wonderful siberean husky bassett mix named Weagle June. She is 11 years old. We were unsure of her breed until we had a dna test done on her. She resembles mandy a lot. She is yellow with white face, feet, and under belly. She is the smartest, most loving, loyal dog I have ever known. She is also very stubborn and head strong as well. She is truly my best friend.

    • Weagle June sounds adorable! I am curious as to how much the DNA testing costs. Do you have pictures of Weagle June that you would be willing to send me so that I could do a post on her?


      • The DNA testing was about $65. They send you a sealed packed with two swabs to rub inside their mouth, and you mail it back in the enclosed envelope. It was about three weeks or so and the results came back with a nice certificate. I am pretty sure I still have the address of the place. If you want you could e-mail me at sgcase@grm.net and we could figure out how to get some pictures to you. I love to show off my little girl.

      • Thanks! I’ll get with you on pictures of your buskey soon!

  9. I was searching for the mix because I currently have a basset/husky mix and I wanted to know if I could find another one if I ever wanted one. If you know of a breeder let me know. I have never seen another dog that looks like mine. I got him when he was four months old so I missed out on the puppy stage. I wanted to see what they looked like as pups

  10. Bruce Anderson

    A family friend is trying to give us a bassett/ husky mix.So I googled the breed and found your site.

  11. Hi there. I enjoyed reading about your basset huskie mix. We have one as well. Her name is Stella, and like your dog, she’s on short, stout basset legs. She’s pretty long, and her ears droop, but they’re not long like the basset. Her eyes are a very pale blue, and her coloring is brown, black, and white.
    She’s definitely very strong willed, and will take off running in a heartbeat!
    We think she has a type of split personality. Sometimes, she’s lazy, with droopy eyes and everything. Other times, she is super frisky, and her eyes get very round at those times.
    Anyway, nice to meet another basset huskie owner… 🙂

  12. Hi, Sasha is my Basset/Husky mix and she is just like Mandy in every way. I don’t think it is because of where Mandy was found. We got Sasha as a puppy born in the Moore County NC shelter and she often countersurfs and is a spoiled little devil diva. She is a fast runner, turns on a dime, lovable, very pretty and everyone loves her single blue eye. Unfortunately her papers list her as a husky mix, which makes it hard to find apartment complexes that will welcome her, but I’ve found that its more a matter of whether or not they like the owner, as I’ve seen rottweilers on a local apartment complex but my dog was not allowed. I found http://t.co/tPTsGRmHAp which she likes alot and she has stopped shedding completely. She does not eat on a regular schedule and since I have used the shed less she tends to be a messy eater, only selecting those pieces the liquid touched, but who cares! I love her.

    • Adam, there are several companies now that offer genetic tests for dogs for about 65-85 dollars. Maybe you should get one for Sasha so you can show the apartment complexes that she is a basset mix, instead. If you have any pictures of her, I’d love to post them here!

  13. Just got my new Bassett Husky yesterday from the Humane society! LOVE HIM!! and yes…soooo soft. All blonde with the HUsky fur, Bassett body and front legs! One blue/1 brown eye also! I was just looking up some training info as the center we got him from didnt have his original name (came to them from a shelter in Sacremento) and so until he gets used to his new name…he’s a little lost!

  14. We too have a very similar story. We had gone in to adopt a German Sheppard mix and came home with at that time we thought a Siberian Husky- Shepard mix, who was a stray and was rescued from a yard. Recently we had his DNA tested with the result being – Siberian Husky and Basset hound mix!! He is mostly white with some beige on his ears and paws. He has the brown Basset eyes, a keen nose, the softest fur (esp. his ears), loves to run swiftly for hours, stubborn, independent and a joy to be around with. Lucky for us we got a marvelous trainer within a few weeks of having him.

  15. Hi ive been looking to see other pups like Bear my 7 week old pup who is a husky/ hound mix. I don’t know what kind of husky or hound but he has thick husky fur and he is light red with the dark muzzle. I think he is part basset hound because that is his coloring. He is long and has husky shaped ears that hang down like a hound. He is so mellow and calm, he doesn’t run far but at 7 weeks that will change. He is already family:-) he is just so sweet but he does like to chew on things. I’ve never heard of this mix before but now I’m convinced they are the best! Your Mandy is a beautiful dog, I love her eyes, Bear has very dark blue eyes. He sits on his butt like a hound too. I’m glad I found your blog 🙂

  16. I was searching the internet (& came across your site) because we have both a female basset & a male husky. I’m not certain but think she may be pregnant. I was looking for pics of a bassett-husky, to see what they might look like.

    • I can send you a picture if you like of my Siberian Husky mix (mother Bassett, father Siberian. He just won a Best Looking Mutt Award in NY!

      • Cat, that would be wonderful! You can send the picture to workmomad@gmail.com. Add any information you’re willing to share about your dog. Thanks!

      • It will be extremely important to socialize these pups with new people (children included), places, and safe dogs (ie vaccinated and puppy friendly) from birth. The traits you describe in your dog are common for any dog but can be more pronounced in basset hounds. They behaviors sound like they could be mild separation stress. They could be worked on with a good crate training, which will also be beneficial for your new litter. Both these breeds are known for their stubbornness and propensity to roam, so you may have a double dose with some of the pups. You should screen your adopters and urge them to research both breeds, as well as start all positive reinforcement training classes with the new pups (both breeds are known for being sensitive and could have very adverse reactions to negative training). Generally both breeds will have mild temperaments if properly socialized, if not they are both known for issues with handling (ears for basset and general restraint for sled dogs). Both breeds are also known for resource guarding issues, but you will not know if one of your litter has this issues until they are a bit older. This is also extremely easy to work with in a puppy. Lastly, I will heavily urge you not to adopt (or keep) more than one pup together once they are ready to leave mom. Littermate syndrome is a very big problem, and I see a lot dogs surrendered for this reason. If you have any other questions, I would be happy to answer them.

        Sara (canine evaluator)

    • Heather…Do I know you?

  17. Our little Leia found us outside of a Petco. The gentleman that was adopting her out said they thought she was a Basset/Husky mix. We don’t know for sure, but we do know she is the cutest darn thing we have ever seen. We plan on getting her DNA tested, but for now we just give her lots of love.

  18. I was googling this breed. We just rescued the same mix of dog. His name is Sinatra (for his piercing blue eyes, of course). He has the shape of Bassett with the coat of a husky. He so mild tempered. I just wanted to see if anyone else had experience with the same mix, since its so unusual. Glad to see there is a least 1 more owner out there.

  19. I was researching this type of dog cuz I just adopted him 3 days ago and it’s been a hard 3 days. The first day we had him (5 months old) he squeezed himself out of our fence. I had never seen a dog run so fast. He had us on a wild goose chase. He was gone for 24 hours running from the woods to all over but he keptcoming back to oour yard then he would run away. We set up a trap with food because we knew he was hungry and could smell where we lived. And we actually got him. He’s still scared but is warming up to us now.

  20. Hi!! My family is getting a “Busky” this Saturday that is only 7 weeks old! We can’t wait to see how he will look when he gets bigger!! Has anyone sent you more pics of their dogs…would love to be able to see the different looks this breed can get!!

  21. I was looking cause we are fostering a basset hound/corgi/husky x

  22. We own a “Serbian Hound” is name is Carson. White spots with blue eyes and a loooong body. Got him when he was 3 months old. Never saw any other puppies from the litter. He was a rescue.

  23. We own a “Serbian Hound” is name is Carson. White with black spots with blue eyes and a loooong body. Got him when he was 3 months old. Never saw any other puppies from the litter. He was a rescue.

  24. I searched because I too have a basset Siberian mix. Amazingly, she looks just like yours! The only exception is the eyes. My Minnie Pearl has very pale golden eyes. I got her from a shelter in Aberdeen, MS. I had no intention of even getting a dog but she made me smile. She has got to be the funniest and greatest pain in the A of any dog I have ever had

  25. Hey!! I just received a hound/husky today as a Christmas present and he’s the cutest little guy! I’ve been reading your blog to get a feel for how his temperament may be. I like what I see 😀

  26. Searched because i have a very similar mix – Yeti, as my daughters named him has a basset mother and a husky/australian sheperd father. interesting puppies. only two of the 8 from the litter had the mom’s colour (white with beige spots) and fuzzy husky fur. amazing coloured blue/green eyes too. he is only 12 weeks old, but has already doubled in size from when we got him at 7 weeks. the other puppies were all darker, and easily spotted in a snowy backyard.
    Yeti was the alpha of his litter, but our 9 yr old great dane/german sheppard doesn’t agree, and at 100 lbs, doesn’t ned to push his weight around, although Yeti keeps tempting him. Big one would rather leave him alone and go nap somewhere that is more quiet.If i could post a picture, i would.

  27. Hi
    We have a husky Bassett cross. We love her but she sheds soooo bad! Does yours??

  28. I searched this because I just adopted a beautiful bassett husky mix, a 12 wk old girl named Banshee. She is a tricolor with the blue husky eyes and short bassett legs…gorgeous combo. She now lives with my 2 yr old coonhound and 6 cats 🙂 thanks for sharing your stories, everyone!

  29. I actually typed this into the search engine because I was on Craigslist browsing pups and I came across a beautiful, and I mean BEAUTIFUL little boy that was a basset/husky mix. I was interested in him but wanted to know his demeanor as I’ve never heard of that mix before. I then came across your post and saw your gorgeous Mandy.

  30. One of the most unique dogs I have ever had. Very stubborn and independent, definitely happy to be alive and with his pack/people.

  31. I was searching for just a hound/husky mix. I adopted Duke from a humane society the other day, he’s three months old. I don’t think he’s part basset hound, because his legs are super long (and his paws are HUGE). He has the coloring of a black and tan, with all four paws up to his elbows white with flecks of gray/black. His tail is like a hounds, straight, not curled, and no extra hair on it (but that could change, seeing how young he is). His fur is the softest I have ever felt. The women at the adoption event said he could get anywhere from 65 to 80 pounds. I’m currently trying to house train him (he’s already crate trained and in the day and a half I’ve had him, he’s already learning commands and can now walk on a leash) and was just looking for information on the breeds to try and figure out the best way to train him.

  32. We have Stella Brown (popular name ) adopted from our local shelter. She is short legs long body and beautiful husky markings. We have had her 3 weeks and she has develops wonderful loving relationships with all the humans as well as Jeff Wilson, her 8 year old lab/ Australian Sheppard mix brother.

  33. We just adopted a 7 month old Basset cross. I was told she was Basset Husky but I would guess Basset Lab as she is SO blonde, no blue eyes, coat not overly soft or fluffy. I intend to subject Luna to the “DNA My Dog” test to see what she really is. She is a beauty regardless what the DNA may tell us….
    Her face looks much like your Mandy with slightly longer ears.

  34. I stumbled upon your post because I was curious about the size of a basset husky mix. We are thinking of adopting a pug (mother), basset-husky (father) mix puppy.

    • Wow! I don’t know what on earth that kind of a mix will be like! Buskeys are pretty close to the same size and shape of regular basset hounds, so if I had to guess, I would think the puppy would be smaller than that, but I’d love to know for sure if you adopt the puppy once it’s grown!

  35. Hello! I have a Busky named Otis, though I’ve always called him a “Buskett Hound” I adopted him from a shelter in Georgia 5 years ago, and he is the love of my life. Otis is quite the rockstar in these parts, & just won first place in The “Best Looking Mutt of 2014” contest of ARF, (Animal Rescue Fund of The Hamptons, NY,) & one of our prizes is a DNA kit…Although it’s quite obvious he is a busky to everyone. I also am told that he has a sister named Stella, also adopted out somewhere….Who looks a lot like him. Your busky seems sweet in the very same ways Otis is, & yes, I think this is a wonderful breed all it’s own. I’d love to send you a picture of Otis, though I’m not quite sure exactly how on this blog… My email is catyellen@mac.com
    Have a great day & thanks for sharing!

  36. I also have a husky/basset cross (DNA shows only this in his line).He is much taller, but has a very similar face. He loves “howl time” and is such a pure joy in my life. He also has his stubborn moments, but is really a good boy. Every time I think he leans more toward one breed, he shows a deep characteristic of the other. What a special albeit odd mix.
    Very luck and quite blessed to have my Mr . Belvedere!

  37. my dog is pregnant she is a french basset hound and the father is a malamute husky and i searched this post because i was wondering what to expect from the pups
    I was at work and my husband was dong the laundry in the basement when our eight year old daughter and her friends thought it would be nice of them to stretch out our basset hounds leash so she could play with her friend the neighbors malamute husky. NOw my dog was due to be fixed in one months time, after her heat cycle was finished. I had the appointment. well i was approaching our back yard when i heard the basset bay. It was too late they were locked. And now she is due the third week of September. She is three years old and my baby. I can tell you from experience she is stubborn likes to run and always follows her nose. She would follow it into traffic if you let her. She sneaky and likes to get into what ever she can. She has a pay back attitude. If i leave and dont take her with me she gets even. As a pup she chewed as an adult she pees or howls. She gets even. When we come home it is hard to be mad. She whines and jumps and whimpers and barks so excited we returned. Her fur is soft even after a swim in the lake. I think its the basset trait. I have people tell me all the time how soft she is. She has one blue eye and one brown eye.The breeder said its from being inbred. She is pure bred. I have papers from the vet when she was born. She is so lovable i would not trade her for the world. she takes a lot some days but she keeps us on our toes. She is family.

  38. We adopted Miles, our basset hound/ husky mix this February. He is the silliest, smartest, most lovable puppy! His 2 breeds make him so interesting! He’s mainly black with some brown and white, very long body, and short legs. Our whole family adores him!

  39. My parents used to have a basset/husky mix. He was a great dog, was shaped the same as yours except he had the husky coloring. Very talkative.

  40. I came upon your blog because we recently acquired a Bassett Hound mix puppy. His mom is a Bassett with one blue and one brown eye. She was a rescue, but when my friend Holly got her the dog was two weeks from popping out 6 little boy puppies. They are not quite sure what breed the dad is, but their spotted coats and blue eyes (one has brown eyes, two have a blue and a brown eye and three have both blue eyes.) Holly thinks they look like Catahoula mixes due to their short hair and markings, and concidering that breed commonly has blue eyes. Was just curious if perhaps the Bassett momma is mixed (even tho she has mainly Bassett characteristics) somewhere in her line as blue eyes are not at all common in that breed of hound. 🙂

  41. I love the pictures of Mandy. We recently last month acquired a husky/bassett cross. It was obvious what he was. He has the head and tail of a husky along with his whitish blue eyes and body of a Bassett and like your Mandy he can run like lightning and jump too!!!! He also has a deep bark that you would never thought could have come outta his mouth….his name is Mini Coop or Cooper for short and is 2yrs old. I tried to put a picture of him with the post but it will not let me…..

  42. Well, as a response to your question, other Nancy, I was looking for the right kind of dog to turn my character into in a story I’m writing. Currently, Mandy is the most fitting, so far. (Though the character is a man, I’ll just take away the ‘dy’) Hope that helps your question ^_^

  43. Our family dog looks exactly like yours except his fur is all yellow. I was told he was 1/2 lab but noone could explain his blue eye. His temperment seems to be in line with a bassett hound but he doesn’t howl. He has an amazing sense of direction, has oftentimes bolted out of the house but always findd his way home….sometimes before we find him. He doesn’t like to be alone, and will have a fit if he is separated from family.

  44. hey im from indonesia recently i just found out that lippy my basset hound get pregnant by my siberian husky shes in her 57 days now cant wait to see what her pups looks like please send me your email address or email me so i can share her puppy after shes giving birth

  45. Hi, I came across your page while i was searching to see if anyone else has a “Busky” or what some others look like. I have a Basset/Husky mix that I rescued from Tennessee. She’s almost a year and the sweetest girl ever! She is tri-colored and most people think she is a German Shepard mix. She does have a Husky coat, tail and personality, but a bit shorter legs and longer body of a Basset. Mandy is adorable! I love her eyes! Its so interesting to see how different the same mix can look. I have an Instagram page for my dog if your interested in seeing what she looks like. If you have an Instagram, her page is “Sophiethebusky”. Thanks for sharing Mandy with us!

  46. Found your post while searching for Basset/Husky mix…LOL
    Was searching because I am with New England Basset Hound Rescue and I got a call from an owner of a Basset/Husky mix and I was searching to see what they look like.

  47. Brandy Whitehead

    I have one of these and she looks just like this. Her name is Elsa Bad Dog.

  48. Even thought this is an older post I thought I’d leave my reason for searching. 🙂

    I was searching because my husband and I recently adopted a dog from our local pound.His name is BoJack, and they old us they believed him to be part Basset due to his long body and short legs.

    We at first thought he might be part doberman or part German shepard because his markings are similar to a dog like that. Hes mostly black with white paws and markings on his face.

    After searching online to find bassets mixed with various breeds, and not finding anything that looked like BoJack, it occurred to me that he kind of had a Husky look in his face (the kind of line they tend to have down there nose). So I googled, “husky basset hound mix dogs” and sure enough I came across several photos that look just like him.

    We’ve only had him about a week but we LOVE having him in the family. The characteristics you describe do seem to match. Very stubborn, but not quite in a Basset way to me. I used to have Basset as a kid and their stubborness was much more severe and when they lost they could be very sulky and spiteful. BoJack seems to accept defeat more gracwfully. 🙂 hes fairly laid back and very obedient. My Bassets were always too independent for their own good so it surprised me about him.

    I don’t thing BoJack is the product of two pure breeds, but it’s nice to have an idea of what his ancestry might be. 🙂

    • Yes, this is an older post, but I still check it often because I absolutely love hearing about other people’s pets! Bojack sounds like a worthy member of the Buskey family; welcome to the pack! If you have any more details or pictures of Bojack you would like to share, please e-mail me at workmomad@gmail.com. You’re lucky you have an obedient dog. Our Mandy’s not particularly obedient, but since she’s very laid back that’s not too much of a problem – unless a UFO (unexpected foraging opportunity) arises!

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  50. I have 4 “Baskies” is what we call them 🙂 Mom is Basset Hound the dad is a Husky ..I would love to show you pictures of our babies …email me at Sharonlofts@yahoo.com if you’d like to see them

  51. I am in the process of adopting one, love your blog.

  52. I just had a DNA test done on my dog Harvey 🙂 Always wondered what he was and finally I know he is Husky/Basset Hound/Malamute cross hahaha. Would not expected the Basset hound AT ALL as his legs are sooo long. But the more I read on them the more I see he has a basset hound personality, some of the loose skin and he baes (very sorrowful) when he’s board. Loved your article. If your interested in pictures email me chbck_r@hotmail.com

  53. I googled Basset/Husky pups to see what type personality they will have and your post come up. I enjoy reading all the post about your Mandy!! She too seems to be a real sweetheart!
    I had been searching for a puppy that would cuddle on the couch with me and not be so hyper.. I knew I would probably have to settle for an older dog to get all that, however, hubby found this adorable little girl with really short legs and the sweetest face I have ever seen. She is EXACTLY what I had been looking for.. She is very laid back and wants to be held always.. She is 2 months old and we named her Carly. Carly for sure has the basset body and the soft, soft fur like a husky. She is blond and white with one blue eye and one brown. Her feelings get hurt easily when told no and her little eyes melt me! I know we’re in trouble!!

  54. Denise Patricola

    We just adopted a basset/husky mix. We are in the process of learning about each other. His name is Freddy and he’s 4 months old. He is both happy and stubborn. I already figured that out. We love him already. We got him 3 days ago and he joinsaid our 3yr.old GSD and our 21yr old mix. Life is interesting.

  55. Hello! I have a husky basset hound as well! His name is Casper and he looks exactly like Mandy except that he doesn’t have any black on him. He loves to run and I too got him from the humane society near me. If you would like to see pictures let me know! 🙂

  56. lisa michelle benoit

    i came here from a google search, i have a mixed breed, we’re pretty sure she is part husky,she just had pups and as my sister pointed out they somewhat resemble bloodhounds, now over the years i have found many pictures of husky mixes that resemble my dog but i found the husky-basset to be the closet,i came here to see the temperment as i was curious,honestly no matter what she is mixed with i will always love her but it’s just a curiosity maybe slight annoyance from getting asked all the time what is she an when i say she’s a mixed breed i get yea but what is she mixed with, my response is i don’t know,mostly cuz i got her from a friend who says he got her from the pound but ourpound just focus’s on picking up strays they don’t care about what breed they are,just finding them homes, i would post a picture of her but i have no idea how

  57. I am currently in the process of getting ready to adopt one that looks just like Mandy! She was found on the run by my neighbor. She also has one brown and one blue eye! What sold me on her was how incredibly gentle she was with my toddler. My dauther laid her head on the pup and hugged her and she didn’t mind a bit! She actually started to fall asleep. They my daughter almost poked her eye and she just very slowly and calmly looked the other way!! I actually had no interest in having a dog and toddler both but I’m convinced they are meant to be and will make a perfect team!!

  58. Thank you for sharing, I’m looking at buying a husky hound mix. 🙂
    How is the shedding?

  59. We adopted a Husky/Bassett Mix right before Christmas in 2017. He’s about 10 months now and very similar looking to your pretty girl. He’s blonde all over, feet in ballet first position at all times with big basset feet and the long short bassett body. He talks like a husky ALL THE TIME. I have lots of pics and video! Let me know if you’d like to see!

  60. I found your post while searching for basset hound cross husky 😂 My husband and I are wanting to adopt a 5 month old basset/ husky from an animal shelter. He is absolutely beautiful. Also one blue eye, one brown eye. Searched for that to try read up on their nature etc.

  61. Hi Nancy. We just got a Basset/Husky mix from the rescue society and was also curious if others exist and how they look etc. Ours is called Bella and she has the Basset hound colours but in look, build and statue she’s very similar to Mandy. Has only had her for two days but completely adorable and also the softest fur I’ve ever felt on a dog. We already adore her so much.

    • She sounds lovely! How old is she?

    • Marna, Bella sounds gorgeous. How are things going? Do you have any pictures you’d like to share (send them to workmomad@gmail.com). These dogs will get into ANYTHING, so if you are familiar with crate training, that’s a good idea for them when you are away from Bella during the day. We didn’t crate Mandy the first day we had her, and when we came home from work, every light cord she could reach was chewed in half! I still don’t know how she kept from being electrocuted.


  62. Denise Patricola

    Everything you have written, everything I read about Mandy, describes our Freddy. He’s stubborn, independent, fearless and doesn’t care at all what you think of him.
    On the other hand, you couldn’t find a sweeter, happier little soul on the face of the earth. He never, ever raises his lip in displeasure. He never met a stranger. If you are a kid, you will have your face licked clean with his unending kisses. He’s not the best eater unless he’s stealing our food. He’s incredibly fast and very untrustworthy. His personality allows us to endure his mischeivious ways. We wouldn’t trade him for the world.

    • He sounds like classic Buskey! Mandy does raise her lip in displeasure, but only once in a blue moon if Darwin is too near to her food bowl, so we have to keep an eye on that. I wouldn’t trust Mandy near any food of any kind, either. If you’d like to send pictures, send them to workmomad@gmail.com. Have a good day!


  63. We also adopted a Bassett and Husky mix from the Himane Society andnhe is everything you described above. He’s a wonderful snuggle bug, but oh man does this guy have FOMO (fear of missing out) and is constantly following me around and snatching up stuff that is definitely not a toy or food. Yesterday I caught him trying to eat my ceramic garden gnome – he crushed it to bits. Later, he found a Brillo pad. He’s infinitely curious. He’s protective of mommy, won’t eat unless I’m in the kitchen with him. He can run like the wind and he’s an excellent hiking companion. He’s a love and a silly thing. I have learned that Huskies are very social and while he doesn’t have some of the Husky markings, he has the personality traits. I’d love to share pictures if you would like to see!

    • Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t reply to your first comment back in March. He sounds like a doll! I would love to see pictures; if you’d like, you can send them to workmomad@gmail.com. What’s his name? How old is he now?


      • No worries! I was looking on my phone and thought maybe it didn’t post, so I reposted. His name is Wolfgang, we call him Wolfie. I’ll send pics now. 🙂 He’s super great when he’s not being a rotten toddler! He’s got personality in spades. I also have a 18lb chihuahua/pekingnese mix and they are bffs and enemies (only when there’s treats). Two goofy rescue dogs!

  64. My dog Kino was a look alike trying to send you a picture he died of cancer it still hurts but definitely a similar to Mandy

  65. Ha, you got it: we are also considering to pick up a hound husky mix from the humane society. Given the commitment I wanted to check into the baseline temperament and came across your article 😉

  66. Hi! I found you on Google because we just rescued a basset/husky mix from Mexico. We are in WA state. I was just looking up temperament and such. Thank you for sharing. I hope this helps with the hits you’re getting.

  67. I just recued a basset husky yesterday. She is a riot! I cant take it, pretty sure ot was love at first sight.

  68. Searching because I found a puppy for adoption that was the same mixed breed as yours 🙂 was curious what characteristics they would have ! Thx

    • Well, don’t keep us in suspense! Did you get the puppy?

    • Hello,
      I have a husky/bassett mix and shes, oh my gosh, so adorable and fun. I used to have a pure breed bassett and he was adorable too but the features that she has added because of the husky, I believe, are being very playful and ALWAYS wanting to play fetch! My pure bassett did not find toys amusing let alone fetch, lol! She’s very graceful in her running & my pure basset was well… a bassett! She loves to snuggle when she is tired. In the mornings she is super snuggly and actually it’s our favorite time with her. She’s very gentle with things. She’s gentle at taking treats or food from your hand, she’s gentle at chasing toads and she’s gentle at playing with other dogs. She’s very sociable and is not aggressive! My pure basset was unpredictable with socializing but that’s probably because my older Jack Russel thought he was the alpha. So they both were battling for alpha status. Our mix loves to follow you around. That’s probably the puppy in her but its still worth mentioning. She is very odd looking. Super long body, curly thin tail, the coloring is completely bassett with some feathering of husky gray in her undercoat area. We always get compliments because of her mesmerizing husky eyes. Her eyes were more blue when we adopted her. They are on the gray side of blue now. She trains well and is absolutely the best thing we have done this past year after our pure bassett had passed away due to an aggressive cancer. I love her to pieces.

  69. Hi. I have a houndsky or possibly a beasky who is fascinating and strange and sweet as pie and stubborn as the day is long. I don’t think you could find a more stubborn mix than a husky hound! I also call her Trash Panda because of her daily raccoon-like rifling of every trash can in the house.
    Love my Beasky/Trash Panda to bits!

  70. Christy McCallon

    Hi, Nancy!
    Not sure if you still have Mandy, but I just. And across this post. I have a dog that’s two named Piper Grace and we were told she’s a basset/huskey mix. Our vet said probably basset/lab, but she looks JUST LIKE Mandy. Even down to the tail! (I have had a basset and they also run freakishly fast!). I don’t know how to post a picture here but if you send me your email, I would love to share her picture!

  71. Hi just to put your mind at ease i have 2 dogs and one is a siberian husky male and my female is a merammahound mix so she went into heat for rhe first time and both 9 months old had sex got stuck and now shes pregnant with my huskys babies. .. wondered what they might look like once born ….

  72. I stumbled upon your post after searching to see if there are any dogs like our Cheyenne, a Husky basset mix. We get curious looks everywhere we go and all are very surprised to here what she is. She is a lot like your Mandy, and I know that pigeoned tow pose you speak of. They look the same, body type and fur. But different coloring. She is mostly black with golden brown ears, face and legs. (Black and Tan). We joke that her husky comes out when it’s cold out side. She loves the cold and runs like crazy when it gets below 60. Hope Mandy is doing well!

  73. We stay on a, farm and our Bassett missy is pregnant. Her only friend she plays with regularly is a husky. Sooo our story begins

  74. We just adopted a rescue dog from a shelter that found her in a dog hoarding situation with an owner who had over 100 dogs. Sasha was malnourished and pregnant. She has had her pups and been spayed. They said she is a husky mix, and when I saw your dog I thought they could be siblings they look so similar. She is a very calm dog, but anxious around people at present and very stubborn. We’ve had to carry her off the couch half the time when it’s time for some exercise, but she is learning the new routine fast. I searched for what huskies tend to mix with because I’m interested to learn more about what to expect and help Sasha with, and it really looks like we may have a hound husky. Thanks for the post and pictures, it is interesting to see more possibilities on how Sasha may develop as she grows comfortable in her new home.

    • I am so glad Sasha has a new home! It took Mandy a little while to settle down with us, too. One of the reasons we adopted her was that as t2, she was supposed to be past the chewing stage. Unfortunately, we left her out alone with our other two dogs the second day we had her, and she managed to chew through every light cord in the den! I still dont know how she managed to keep from electrocuting herself or burning the house down!

  75. I’m leaving a comment because you were wondering why someone would be looking for a busy Bassett mix. As it turns out I have a Siberian Husky, and a friend of mine recently got a Bassett Hound. She mentioned how cute it might be if we breed them. I thought, “Huh. I wonder what that would look like.” LOL. Your pups are adorable. It’s great that you took in a rescue. Oden is a rescue also, but the best dog we’ve ever had.

  76. I’m here because I just came across a basset/huskey mix up for adoption and was wondering what their personality is like.

    • If you’re loking for a dog that is laid back and loving, a bassett/husky mix is perfect. If you’re looking for a dog that trains well and can compete in dog trials, the busky probably isn’t your dog. House training wasn’t hard, but Mandy wasn’t too interested in the whole good dog/bad dog thing. She never got upset if you called her a bad dog; she would just look at you with an inquisitive look that basically said, “That’s a very interesting opinion,” and then go back to doing whatever it was she got the bad dog for to begin with. The biggest issue with her was food foraging. If it was on the counter and she could reach and we weren’t right there, she’d go for it. But she was very loving and sweet.

  77. Hi Nancy, I loved the story about Mandy! I am about to adopt a Huskie Hound mix. I was curious about the mix. We literally met the sweet guy today and he is full of joy. It is infectious! He loves to walk and we quickly learned we cannot say “let’s go” or “come on.” He wants to take off! We are one the process to adopt him and will work him. So far he is great and loves to socialize and oh my goodness, he loves the beach!😂☺️ I am glad to have found you site and thanks for sharing about Mandy. She is a beauty!

  78. I was doing the husky hound search. My garbage eating husky hound is a lot like yours 🤣. She’s a loveable monster. Cuddliest dog I’ve ever met. It’s fun reading about other weird husky hound combos.

  79. I have a Husky/ Basset Hound mix puppy! Didn’t know anyone else did and now I’m glad he’s not the only one. His name is PJ and his body is long and short as well. His ears are longer than his brothers and sisters and he is a bit on the fluffy side compared to your fur baby. But he also has the one brown, one blue eye. He won my heart the minute he opened his eyes and yawned. I would love to send you a picture if you are interested in what my PJ looks like.

  80. I came across your page as I have a basset hound/husky mix myself! he’s the best boy and am so happy we got the chance to adopt him last year. I find it interesting how much every one of these mixed breeds (only have seen a few LOL) all look so identical to him. he has one blue eye and one brown eye with a speck of blue in it, like mandy. He happens to be all tan and white though! like mandy, he’s also an escape artist. he’s very stubborn and has that husky “anxiety” and must be touching myself or my fiancé at all times. if one of us leaves overnight he boycotts eating for a day and mopes around, even once you arrive home. he’s not very active or good on walks, but loves roaming our fenced in yard.

  81. I recently adopted a dog from the humane society and he happens to be Lab/husky/Basset Hound, he has short stubby legs with a slight curve to the front legs, black with a few white/,grey patches, the most stunning blue/grey eyes, his face is completely lab, then of course eyes are husky and the body is mostly Hound. I was just curious to see what Google had to tell me about the mixed breed. So far I came across lab\ Basset Hound and now your husky/ Basset Hound. The Lab Mix looks to be a bit more known it even has a name Bassador.
    I’ve only have had my pup for a few days but I do see many traits that you explained, especially the stubborn one. He will just stare at me with his charming blue/,grey eyes like hes lifting 1 eyebrow thjkjg “really,” if I’m trying to scold him for something. Either that or he just ignores me completely. Mine was a stray as well, which makes walking a bit of a chore with him trying to clean up all the garbage. He is so fast I sometimes can’t stop him fast enough, so just for his protection I am trying a cage type muzzle. Hes not a fan of it especially when he finds garbage and trys eating it up, he then will try pulling it off with his 2 front paws.

  82. I have been trying to figure out what cross breed my dog is and your dog look identical to mine.

  83. Nicole Mathiasen

    Hi Nancy!
    My husband & I adopted our puppy, Ellie, from a foster style shelter in Oswego, IL, on Nov 1st 2021. She was found in a barn in KY w/ her siblings alone at aprox 4 wks. We thought she was some kind of beagle mix, but her DNA test from Embark revealed she is: 50% basset hound, 22% huskey, 12% beagle, 6% boxer, 6% german Shephard & 4% shar-pei! The ancestry report we received believes her mom was a Bassett & her father was a huskey mix; further broken down into her qrandparents being another huskey mix & a beagle/boxer mix. She is quite unique as u have said of your Mandy. She has the typical long body & crooked front paws of a basset, as well as a long muzzle & velvety soft long ears! Her legs r short like a basset, but she has much longer black & white hair, especially the white long scruf around her neck like a huskey. Ellie is a “nose on legs” she finds all food & uses her length as an advantage to reach food off tables & counters. She loves to play w/ both other dogs & people! She loves a good cuddle, but has an independent nature too. Usually, if it’s quite, u can be sure she’s gotten into something like a shoe, is chewing on a table leg, socks or tissues. I responded to your post b/c I had never heard of a Bassett-huskey mix b/f, but it sounds like they have similar traits

  84. She is beautiful! I have my Daisy Mae. She could be her twin. She too has a blue birth mark in one of her brown eyes. I thought that was interesting. She is stubborn and independent, but one of the most loving babies I have ever has the pleasure of calling my own.

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