A Trip to the Corner Drugstore, Pens and Copyright

Good morning Everyone!

Here are some odds and ends from the weekend.

    • A Trip to the Corner Drugstore

Yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  I had to wait just a few minutes, so I walked over to a revolving rack that sold little paperback books.  I started laughing out loud when I read the title of one of them – How to Live Successfully with Screwed Up People.  I thought about buying the book just to see how the author carried through with such a unique title, but the thought of someone close to me wondering why I would need such a book decided me against it. 

 However, once my prescription was ready, I told the lady behind the counter about the book.  To my surprise, she smiled and nodded and answered “Yes, my mother bought it.”  She added, “She has marked sections in it and put the names beside it of each of her children she thinks the section applies to.”  That’s a real confidence builder, isn’t it?

  • Pens

Some time ago, I told you about the mysterious disappearance of pens from my junk drawer.  (See, Of Waves and Pens).  Recently, I found where some of them were hiding – I have a little pouch I carry in my purse for writing utensils, and about 10 of them had fled there, I can only assume for protection from the evil pencil conspiracy.

    • Copyright

I learned something about copyright in the United States this weekend while reading the 2011 Writer’s Market by Writer’s Digest.  Did you know that everything you write is immediately protected by copyright as soon as it is written?  You do not have to have a registered copyright in order to be able to use the copyright symbol!  (There are advantages to having a registered copyright, but we won’t go into that.)  I thought that was way cool, and have immediately availed myself of this new piece of knowledge to proudly display my own copyright symbol at the bottom of my blog, just because I can!

Have a great day everyone!


11 responses to “A Trip to the Corner Drugstore, Pens and Copyright

  1. I keep asking myself how all those pens disappear and then wind up in my stuff! And it’s that pesky pencil conspiracy! Who woulda’ thought! 🙂 Hope you have a blessed day, Nancy.

  2. I have two buttons on my blog that you might want to look into…copyright and copyscape. Both the services are free. I would recommend them.

  3. Hey Nancy, I just love the way you are able to take ordinary responsibilities, errands, and life in general and articulate them so well. You are definatley a gifted writer. I have a client who has a blog that you would love. You must check it out. It is like nothing I have every seen. Just type in “house of nine lives” in your search engine. She has 9 cats of whom keep this blog updated. They all have distinct personalities. She even has a french one. She is soooo gifted, you must check it out at least once. I promise it will be worth your time. Have a blessed week,
    Michelle Mitchell

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you for your compliment, I appreciate it. I will look at the blog you suggest as soon as I can (thank you for blog address in your second message.) It sounds hysterical!


  4. Hey Nancy,
    It’s me again, the blog address is houseof9lives.wordpress.com
    I just went to it and read Casanova’s latest post. Casanova is the french cat that speaks in broken english. So you must speak it out loud to get the full effect. It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They are clients of mine, with 10 cats and 2 dogs. They have video cameras set up in their home so they can check on their babies while at work. As you can imagine, they [the cats and dogs] have a busy life with much to talk about.
    hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
    Michelle Mitchell

  5. I think I want to read that book! I need all the help I can get 😉

    • If you do, I suggest a bookcover to stem friends’ and relatives’ paranoia! Or better yet, buy an e-reader and put it on there if it is available; then no-one will know what you are reading.


  6. I need to read that book. But don’t tell my hubby. 😉

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