Panic! (Only 39 more days until Christmas Arrives!)

Good morning everyone!

Kayla asked me yesterday whether we were going to have any company over soon, and as I listed what we had planned for the next few weekends, I came to a stunning realization – Christmas is only six weeks away! Thanksgiving is next week!  How can this be possible?


It seems like only last week we were coming to the end of summer vacation and the start of the new school year,  only last month when summer vacation began, and just a couple of months ago that I started writing this blog and Mark and I were enjoying Key West.  It just isn’t possible that 2011 can be getting ready to leave us, and yet it is!


Once I realized how close Christmas is, I had a brief moment of panic.  Beyond an idea or two floating out there for one or two gifts, I have done nothing towards preparing for Christmas.  (Yes, Mom, I know – you probably are only one gift away from finishing your Christmas shopping now, if you haven’t finished it already, and I admire you and the others out there who are in the same state of preparedness  – but somehow that gene just didn’t get transferred to me!)

After a brief moment though, the panic subsided.  Even though only three of those weekends may be available for shopping, the internet has changed the way I shop.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing for chronic procrastinators such as myself.  While I can reach a much greater array of products than I could otherwise, the fact that many sites proudly announce that you can order your gifts as late as December 21, 22 or 23 and still have them arrive by Christmas doesn’t exactly spur me into immediate action.  And yes, I still do a fair share of gift buying at local merchants as well, which conveniently will be open as late as the morning of Christmas Eve.  (However, even I prefer not to wait that late if I can help it!)

Well, thank you for giving me just a minute to share my panic attack with you.  I feel better already!  Do you?

Have a great day everyone!


P.S.  What do you do to get ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas or the holiday of your choice this time of year and when do your preparations start?

14 responses to “Panic! (Only 39 more days until Christmas Arrives!)

  1. I have to plan ahead. Con and Cat’s birthday is in November. Then Christmas then Cait’s birthday in February. If I don’t plan it all out ahead if time, I end up spending a LOT more money. 1st bday over, only 2 more Christmas presents to buy then Cait’s bday. Not 100 percent sure about it yet.

    • Hi Nicki! We have a busy December – two in-laws birthdays the day before Christmas, Christmas, my birthday two days after Christmas and my sister’s birthday on New Year’s Eve. I admire your ability to plan! I bet everything goes a lot more smoothly that way.

  2. I can definately relate to the lack of time. I work 6 days per week running my veterinary practice. So the holidays have a tendency to Sneak up upon me. I would love to be able to prepare elaborate meals and entertain, but it,s just NOT REALISTIC. So, when I need to bring something to a family gathering over the holidays, I have gotten delicious sweet potatoes, vegetables, rolls, desserts etc from Schwanns. They come every two weeks and deliver everything I may want or need. Their catalogue is really all inclusive. I can order that day as a matter of fact andd they already have it on the truck. Its perfect for people like me. M. Mitchell

    • I have seen a couple of Schwann’s trucks around. They remind of the Charles Chips trucks that used to deliver potato chips and chocolate cookies when I was small and lived in the Northeast. I didn’t know you were open on Saturdays! Is it just for a half day?


  3. I don’t do much of anything to prepare. I do get finished with Thanksgiving before I put up a tree. We are out of the toy stage now so most all my children want is electronics or money so that’s pretty easy. We do dirty santa with my family and my in-laws so that’s two unisex gifts each (which is harder than it seems) and then the children on both sides draw names. I always give gifts to mom, dad, sister and aunt. I kind of am doing more shopping on line as well!! It will get done somehow!!

  4. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not 39 days or is it 38 now.. that is horrible! AAAAAHH!.. c

  5. We have two Christmas days here. As the tall person is English we celebrate on the 25 December and as we are in the Republic of Georgia (which is Georgian Orthodox) we also celebrate on 7 January. The latter would give you a little more time to prepare Nancy! 🙂

  6. I just felt panic! I’m already behind!

  7. Funny, today’s post for me was about how fast this year (this life) has gone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and letting me know I am not the only one to just realize how quickly the time has gone.

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