Say What???

Good morning everyone!

I love WordPress.  I really do; in fact, I love it so much that when I started my second blog, The Football Novice, I didn’t consider using any other software, but immediately went to its sister site, 

However, every once in a while, usually after I insert a picture, it gets temperamental.  Not a full-grown fit, mind you, just pouting, doing things like not letting me post two pictures in a row without a line of text in between , or changing the font of my post without warning, then reverting to the original font after one paragraph. 

I have discovered through trial and error that the best way to try to fix those little irritating changes is to switch over to the HTML tab and see if anything looks unusual.  Well, actually, since all of the HTML code looks unusual to me, I look to see if anything looks more out-of-place than the rest of the HTML code listed there.  So last week, when my font changed for one paragraph after inserting a picture, and nothing I could do on my regular screen (the tab marked “visual” where my writing usually lives) worked, I bravely ventured forth into the world of code. 

There are a couple of basics to HTML code that I have figured out on my own.  Any HTML code will be written inside the greater and less than signs.  (“<>”).  Sometimes, inside the bracket there will be some kind of letters, or the “/” symbol and some kind of letters.  This is turning something on or off.  The one I recognize the most easily is <ul>, which turns underlining on, and </ul>, which turns underlining off.

The culprit last week appeared to be a code called <div>.  Not having a clue what that meant, I did what any reasonable person would do, and googled it.  The first site I found said the following:

The command encloses, defines and contains an HTML document division. In the Netscape browser it functions essentially the same as the <P> (paragraph) command. In the Internet Explorer browser it is designed to be used in conjunction with Style Sheets.

Of course!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Needless to say, that didn’t help me a lot.  However, I did find a web site that took pity on less technologically advanced folks (I am a wife, mother, dog owner, lawyer, writer and lots of other things, but NOT a software engineer!), and explained things in a much simpler manner.

If you need it, go to OM4, according to its web page, is an Australian web site design and development company for small business.    Basically <div> on WordPress tells your blog page that you are changing to a different type of page/formatting.  Now that, I understood!  OM4 explains many other commands in that article as well. 

After getting rid of some <div> codes, my text was finally correct, and I could breathe easier, and publish my post.

Of course, there was always the option of posting it with the unintentional font change, which would have saved me a great deal of time, but the perfectionist in me just couldn’t handle it!

Have a great day everyone!


10 responses to “Say What???

  1. Is it like the Da Vince Code? 🙂

    You are a brave perfectionist Nancy!

  2. Morning Nancy
    I have recently had problems uploading my non-Copyright(ed) pictures
    My thinking? I have the free blog site but who knows maybe I should investigate further

    • Before I swapped sites, I would check to see if uploading the pictures from a different setting in the picture gallery would help. (I used to get a message that said I was using the browser upload; if I was having problems, try the whatever the other one was called upload thingie.) Also, this is odd, but try using a different browser altogether – if Internet Explorer is giving you fits, try Safari or Google Chrome or Firefox for your internet browser page. I look at some sites that work well on Google Chrome, but not at all on Explorer and vice versa. I don’t know why; they just do. Good luck!

  3. Nancy, great blog, good going with the HTML and thanks for the reference to our article. With practice you’ll be an HTML wizard in no time.

  4. Try auto converting your text at: Copy an paste your text into a box and it will be converted – not fancy stuff, but basic.

  5. I read that HTML code is more secure than visual, so I decided one day to change and see what HTML looked like as I was getting a post ready to publish — I ended up shaking my head in confusion and putting it back to visual. Maybe one of these days I’ll copy you and learn about it. Thanks for the insight.

    • Don’t misunderstand me – I prefer visual to html any day because I understand it better. I just like everything to look right before I post, which leads to desperation which leads to invention and discovery – or something like that!

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