I’m on the BBC!

Good morning, Everyone!

I was astounded to learn this morning that this blog is the lead story on the BBC – The Bassa Blogging Channel! Bassa, whose blog I have mentioned before, is a Caucasian Shepherd in Tbilisi, Georgia who writes a blog about her and her tall person’s adventures, along with her friends De and the little person. Oh, and she also lives with Mr. Crazy Parrot. (I mention Mr. Crazy Parrot in hushed tones – he has a dark past.)

Bassa, Chief Correspondent for the BBC, Bassa’s Blogging Channel

Bassa started her BBC because she felt that not enough good news was being broadcast on the regular news channels, and she wanted to start changing things. Every day, one post on her blog is about a story that contains good news. Check it out if you get the chance! Here is the link: Bassa’s Blog.

Kayla decided to “help” me out this morning before I left to take her to school by putting both Mandy and Darwin in their kennels for me. (You may recall that Tyra, aka the Saint, gets to stay out!) That was very sweet. The only problem was that in a fit of generosity, she decided to put food and water in each kennel, which we don’t normally do because that kind of defeats one of the purposes in leaving those two in their kennels. (Food and water does not defeat the chewing deterrent purpose of kenneling, however). She then managed to forget her binder that is a requirement for school everyday at the house because she had been working so hard on helping me and the dogs.

I am not looking forward to cleaning the mess up but I keep reminding myself that Kayla was just trying to help. Have any other parents out there had their children try to “help” and have to bite their tongue as a result?

Have a great day everyone!


8 responses to “I’m on the BBC!

  1. YES! My daughter loves to organize things….anything. She’s 10. Once she gets done with whatever it is….the kitchen pantry, underneath the bathroom sink or a closet ….it is great. It is the part when she is doing the organizing that requires me to bite my tongue. I am so pleased that she loves to do this and in the end it’s awesome!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Nancy. Tall person says that ‘helping’ is an important part of growing up and being independent. As Emily says in her comment it is sometimes essential to bite one’s tongue!

    • You’re welcome for the mention. I appreciate yours, also. I understand what the tall person and Emily are both saying but there are only so many bites one tongue can take! Although my capacity to withstand said bites seems to be growing….

  3. How fantastic, i shall get over there and have a look right now! I bet TonTon would like to know what is going on over there.. c

  4. WOohoo! WOnderful news! Enjoy your moment on the BBC 😉

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