Good morning Everyone!

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I really can’t help it;  last night while we were getting ready for bed and now, at an ungodly hour of the morning when even the birds are only just stretching themselves awake, I know they’re here.  I’m sure they don’t mean to intrude upon my consciousness,innocently sitting over there at the dining room table, but I keep thinking about them.  The whole family welcomed them; even the dogs know that they’re here.  After all, it’s been a while.

I’ve known them and loved them ever since I was a child, but now that I am older, I don’t get to visit with them nearly as often as I’d like, making our reunion  even more special.

There’s really nothing like them.  Content in their insular world, they have remained essentially unchanged and constant my entire life.  Sweet, consistent, a little square around the edges, sugar-coated but still cool, sanity in an insane world, I just can’t help thinking about them.  We were able to visit a little bit last night, but the rest of our visit will have to wait until later.

After all, I think I’d get sick if I ate 32 strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts at one sitting…

Have a great day everyone!


11 responses to “Reunion!

  1. Hilarious! And I can relate.

  2. “After all, I think I’d get sick if I ate 32 strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts at one sitting…”

    I guess you ate 32 strawberry frosted Pop-Tarts at one sitting.

  3. So, do you also wait for Easter Chicks, all fluffy and yellow – sugar coated as well and waiting for you to bite their heads off?

  4. Hahahaha! What a wonderful sugar coated reunion 🙂

  5. I feel the same way about Pupperoni Strips. They’re round – I’ve found – A pound – I could down. But 32 POP TARTS – WOW!!!!!

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