Sometimes You Can’t Help Laughing….

Good morning!

We had to go to a funeral this week. Kayla has been to funerals before, but with the exception of the funerals for my grandparents, she had not been to a graveside service. I truly love my little girl’s sweet spirit – she informed me that she HAD to go to the funeral to show her support to the family members involved.

At 12, she amazes me by how alert and observant she is. After the funeral, as we were driving out of the cemetery, she looked over and saw a plot with three headstones. In the center was the name “Ferguson”; on the right, a stone with the name “Head” and on the left, a stone named “Gardner.” When she saw those, she was quiet, thinking for a minute, and then she said, “Those Ferguson people are showing off!” When we asked her why, she told us, “Not only did they bury themselves there, but they buried the head of their mansion and their gardener with them!”

Sometimes you just can’t help laughing!

P.S. Ferguson was not, of course, the real name on the center stone; I changed it to avoid unwittingly distressing someone else.

4 responses to “Sometimes You Can’t Help Laughing….

  1. She sounds like a live wire!! Good for her.. c

  2. I know how that goes – with our grandkids. Sometimes I have to walk away to keep from laughing. I’ve missed you Nancy!

    • I’ve missed me too Drusilla (and you). Kayla decided to start riding the bus in the mornings to school instead of me taking her, so I have a little extra time in the mornings again. I really have missed blogging!

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