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Sometimes You Can’t Help Laughing….

Good morning!

We had to go to a funeral this week. Kayla has been to funerals before, but with the exception of the funerals for my grandparents, she had not been to a graveside service. I truly love my little girl’s sweet spirit – she informed me that she HAD to go to the funeral to show her support to the family members involved.

At 12, she amazes me by how alert and observant she is. After the funeral, as we were driving out of the cemetery, she looked over and saw a plot with three headstones. In the center was the name “Ferguson”; on the right, a stone with the name “Head” and on the left, a stone named “Gardner.” When she saw those, she was quiet, thinking for a minute, and then she said, “Those Ferguson people are showing off!” When we asked her why, she told us, “Not only did they bury themselves there, but they buried the head of their mansion and their gardener with them!”

Sometimes you just can’t help laughing!

P.S. Ferguson was not, of course, the real name on the center stone; I changed it to avoid unwittingly distressing someone else.

Miss me?

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted, the longest amount of time ever since I started writing this blog, and I just wanted you to know that I haven’t forgotten you, and miss you quite a bit; we are just in an exceptionally fluid time right now that is taking a lot of time and energy.  To give you a sense of what is going on, let me give you the approximate timeline:

(Warning:  Any hint of anything that sounds like whining is purely intentional – I have to let it out somewhere!; please ignore it)

1) Tyra goes suddenly blind.  Family (including Tyra) adjusts.

2)  Grandpa has heart attack on March 13; Dad, who was about 8 hours away and in the process of returning home from just spending a week in Illinois, turns back.

3) Thursday, March 15.  Mark goes to a job interview.

4) We get the good news that Grandpa is better, and is at home.  (March 17).  I talk to him and Dad that day.

5)  Monday, March 19 at 5:00 p.m.  We learn that Grandpa has died.

6) Tuesday, March 20 – I have doctor’s appointment, Mark has second interview for job.  Mom heads to our house so we can head up to Illinois for Grandpa’s funeral.

7) March 21 – 25.  Either traveling to, staying at, or coming back from, funeral in Illinois.

8)  Kayla has spring break.  March 26-30.  Mark gets job offer at new job in Georgia and accepts it.  March 26.  Mom stays for part of spring break to spend time with Kayla, which we enjoy very much.

9) Kayla goes back to school.  March 26.  Mark gives notice at his current job.  March 26.  We decide where we are going to live (which is in the town where I work) and I begin search for rental house.  (March 26 – 30.)  Put our house up for sale by owner.  (March 27.)

10) Saturday, March 31 .  Mark and Kayla come up to look at potential rental houses with me.

11) Monday, April 2.  We make a decision on a rental house; I start working on lease application and other details.  We plan the first move (some stuff to the rental house, some stuff to stay in our house).

12) Easter Weekend, from Thursday night through Monday – we go to beach.

13) Tuesday, April 10 – Mark starts new job in Franklin, Georgia.  Kayla and I are playing bachelorette for this week, with the three dogs to help us out.  We also are doing a little bit to get us ready to move some stuff to the rental house on Saturday.

14) April 10 – 11 – I get cable, phone and internet at new house set up; am still working on the utilities.

15)  In the meantime, I have been going to Physical Therapy to work on my Achilles tendons three times a week for the past two weeks.  Physical Therapy takes about 3 hours.

So, as you can see, it’s not that I have exactly been wasting my time frivolously; it’s just that I don’t seem to quite have enough hours in the day to accomplish what I need to get done!  Relief is on the horizon though; once we get moved at least partially to the rental house, one major task will be off our to do list, which always makes everything else more manageable.

Have a great day everyone!  I’ll find something more interesting to share with you tomorrow.