Snit Fits, Melt Downs & Cross-Examination

Good morning Everyone!

Our school system decided that the students would make up one of the many days missed because of weather electronically.  Each teacher put a special assignment up on the EdModo website.  Students have to turn them in today, April 30.

As you can guess, Kayla still had assignments to finish up last night.  When I got home from work, she was wandering around in the kitchen, where she airily informed me that she was going to do some cooking before she did her assignments.  I nixed that idea and told her she couldn’t do anything until after she finished her Edmodo assignments.  Snit fit #1.

30 minutes post snit fit #1, she informed me that she was done.  I checked the (single) assignment for completeness.   Cross-examination #1 established that there were other class assignments out there, leading directly to snit fit#2 which resulted in her being sent to her room to complete her math EdModo quiz.  After she reached her room, but before she could start her quiz, we achieved obligatory math melt down #1.

30 minutes letter, after math melt down #2 in the middle of the quiz, Kayla submitted the quiz answers on-line, and then started wandering around the house again aimlessly.  This behavior led to the simultaneous appearances of cross-examination #2, snit fit #3 and paternal parental lecture #1, the upshot of which was a telephone call by Kayla to a friend to obtain the vocabulary words she was supposed to define and use in a sentence.

Once completion of the vocabulary words was verified, Kayla again announced that she was done.  Cross-examination #3 and #4 (please insert paternal parental lecture #2 here) discovered that there was one assignment left to complete – a timed quiz that Kayla had accidentally opened days ago and now could not complete because the 60 second quiz had timed out somewhere around 190 hours, which led to snit fit# 4, melt down #2, paternal parental lecture #3 and bed time.  Maternal melt-down #1 was allowed to commence thereafter.

Have a great day!


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