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Accents and Impressions

Good morning Everyone!

“I’d never have been misled; I’d have known Jesus was the Messiah.”

I have to chase that thought away every time I watch a dramatization about the New Testament.

To help myself do that, I pictured Jesus speaking to the priests.  Jesus’ accent would have been the accent of a Galilean peasant, fisherman  or farmer.

To get some idea of how that would affect the ruling class, imagine you are in a large, prosperous church where the worship services are choreographed to the second (and I’m not being critical here; we all worship in our own way) and broadcast on television for the unchurched and shut-ins.  The choir has sung, the offering’s been taken, maybe even communion has been offered, and then, just as the preacher stands up to give the benediction and dismiss the congregation,  a man dressed in clean but run down clothes walks down the aisle and whispers to the preacher.  Surprised, the preacher looks out at the congregation, who can see the dilemma the preacher is in – should he let this man speak or does he keep the service on schedule ?  With a sigh, because he truly is a man of God, the preacher decides to take the high road for reasons even he can’t explain, and steps aside to allow the man to speak into a microphone.

Some in the congregation shift restlessly on their cushioned pews, ready to be gone.  Some are curious, trying to figure out what is going on.  Some are disgusted – why on earth didn’t that man wear nicer clothes?  Didn’t he know he was entering a church?  A few are hoping to see the Holy Spirit in action and accept any additional teaching God intends to share through this speaker.    The TV crew is tearing their hair out, the broadcast schedule completely shot.  Except for the rustle of church programs, a few shuffling feet, and some coughs, the sanctuary is silent.

The man begins to speak – and while his voice is melodious, he has the thickest country accent (stronger than Gomer Pyle) anyone there has ever heard, or an accent that comes straight from the toughest slums in the nearest big city.  He isn’t speaking “church lingo” (although he is learned enough that he could) but straightforward stories from every day life to tell his message.

How many of the people in that church would be able to get past the man’s accent to hear what he had to say, let alone understand it?  How many that made it past the accent could make it past the everyday, homespun stories? How many would feel that the man, with his shabby appearance and strong accent, was desecrating their sanctuary and making fun of them?   How many would be open to anything that man could teach them?  Who among them would be brave enough to leave everything they owned and follow Him simply because He asked them to?

Before I judge the people of Jesus’ time, I think I would do well to answer those questions about myself first.

Have a great day!


The Twins of Trouble and Easter Allergies

Good morning!  

Mandy (aka "Bad Dog")


Darwin (a/k/a "No-No")

  • No-No and Bad Dog at Bay

For those of you who have been wondering about No-No and Bad Dog, they are still alive and well. 

On Saturday we bought a four pack of stuffed animal chew toys, and so this week the Twins of Trouble’s (they look like twins, don’t they?) chewing efforts have been focused on the three of the four toys we went ahead and put out. 

I am glad the dogs like the toys, and even more amazed that they have lasted for a week!  Usually, it takes about a day, and then the stuffing has been released and strown all over everywhere. 

We still come across the occasional handkerchief lying on the floor in odd places, or the occasional shredded napkin or paper towel scattered somewhere far away from its point of origin or hear the occasional scrape of paws as they slide off of the kitchen counter, having ascertained that nothing is available for retrieval, but we haven’t caught either of them red-handed for a while. 

Most of the time, you see Darwin running by with a stuffed toy in his mouth, and Mandy in hot pursuit, or vice versa.  Occasionally, they are each holding one end of the same toy and running around the room in tandem.  One toy has been put carefully aside by Tyra, who doesn’t chew hers; her chew toy is a treasured doll that she doesn’t allow anyone else to mess with.  The other two toys appear to be interchangeable.  When we got home yesterday, and I was trying to let the dogs out to the back yard, Darwin, with one of them in his mouth, took a spectacular running start toward the back door, until he realized he was going to run out of floor much faster than he expected.  At that point he put on the brakes, sliding five feet plus on the wood floor and only stopping once his momentum took him underneath Mandy, pushing both of them outside.  I’m not sure Mandy knew what hit her; she is so low to the ground that this may be the first time anything has managed to slide under her. 

  • Easter and Allergies

Wednesday is our busiest day.  Not only do we have the regular activities of school and work, but Kayla has dance after school, and then we go to our church for Wednesday evening choir practice.  Currently, the adult choir is getting ready for our Easter performance, which is a beautiful musical arrangement entitled “A Hill Too Far Away.”  It has a great message and I am looking forward to our performance on the 17th, but it is a fairly demanding work, at least from the alto standpoint, with notes ranging from a low G up to the D that is an octave away from middle C.  When the choir finished practicing one particularly demanding song last night, we burst out into so many coughs that we sounded like a tuberculosis ward.  We couldn’t help it – all of us laughed. 

I have long known that God has a sense of humor; why else make sure that Easter and allergy season always coincide?  Maybe He just wants us to remember who actually gives us the ability to sing.  I also, however, have a sneaking suspicion that He laughed along with us when He heard all the coughing at the end of practice.

Have a great day everyone!